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Who is Pauline Anna Strom?

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  • Who is Pauline Anna Strom?

    Visionary 1980s synth music of blind, self-taught composer Pauline Anna Strom released in new vinyl compilation
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."

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    I've never heard of her so on the Listening List she goes ...
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      Originally posted by Turboellis View Post
      I've never heard of her so on the Listening List she goes ...
      Well there's only one track available at present ('Energies') which is quite nice spacey synth reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre or Tomita rather than Eno or Schulze. It remains to be seen if the whole LP proves to be 'visionary' (I wonder how Pauline felt about being called visionary - how sightest !!).
      If only one track is available for preview, how can someone conclude the artist is visionary?
      The Vinyl Factory is quite the hype sheet.
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        "Morning Splendor" was included on a LateNightTales CD a few years ago:


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          The pic shows her surrounded by analog gear eg: Prophet 5 in the background then states she bought a 'Yamaha DX7, TX816' both digital which are a nightmare to program (tiny pocket calculator screens with a few buttons to cycle through and adjust parameters) if you can actually see never mind being blind. A TX816 is a nightmare of an eighties beast, I believe you need software to program it so I can only assume she had an assistant of sorts. They said she had a CS10 which is more like it, I used own it's big brother the CS-15 and stupidly sold it because I'm an idiot.

          I've had a few eighties synths and rackmount gear gear over the years, quite fond of digital synthesis. The worst one to program ever is this although it's saving grace was it had the ability to make some nice pad sounds and had a classy dub piano patch.

          I think the thinking in the eighties with the emergence of digital was people dont want knobs and sliders to twiddle around with they want a tiny screen you cant see and a degree in programming video recorder timers!

          All sounds great though I'm glad eighties synth pioneering and digital synths in general are being more widely appreciated these days but I reserve judgement.
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