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A shameless plug: opening a new record shop in Bedford

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  • A shameless plug: opening a new record shop in Bedford

    I'll readily admit that despite having been a member of the forum since 2004, I have not been active here of late. But I still lurk around and this site has provided me with an awful lot of knowledge over the years; not least from the box of CDs I still own from the xmas mixtape swaps I got involved in back in the day.

    Anyway, the reason for my post, is that after a couple of years of planning, I am opening a record shop next week in Bedford. The shop will be cross-genre, 90% vinyl and selling both new and second hand records. As a member of the site my musical tastes are pretty varied, so hopefully VG+ members will find a visit worthwhile. The town has not had a record shop for many a year, which considering it is 80,000+ and with a nice little local music scene has been a bit of a travesty.

    So if you happen to be passing through Bedford, then do pop in and have a dig and a chat. The shop has a little seating area (leather sofa, chair & coffee table) next to the listening decks and I suspect the kettle will be on the go for most of the day. So, it should be an improvement on the average service stations you find on the M1.

    You can find me at:

    Slide Record Shop
    9 The Arcade
    Bedford MK40 1NS
    Tel: (01234) 261603

    Cheers, Warren.

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    Doubt Ill ever be anywhere near you but - good luck, hope it flourishes for you.
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      Good luck with the new venture, i'm sure it will be a great success!
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        Good luck with the shop, can you let us know when you've got the second hand stock online too?
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          I live in Bedford. See you next week.


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            Good luck Warren!!

            By the way I'm Luke from the Komedia Record Fair. Hope the jazz records fly out : )
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              Good Luck, my wife was born in Bedford. There are a lot of record shops springing up lately some bad some good, yours looks good and I hope it works out for you.
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                Yeah I'm in Cambridge so will be over to see you before too long, I don't tend to buy new vinyl but I love a good second-hand rummage :-)


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                  Good luck boss man
                  The website looks good
                  No stranger to Bedford so might pop in sometime.

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