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October 2017 new releases

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  • October 2017 new releases

    Martin Glass "The Pacific Visions Of Martin Glass" on Kit Records - more ambient and less exotica than I was hoping, but still nice and dreamlike

    Juno still seem to have copies:

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    Hello Skinny - Watermelon Sun

    Brownswood Recordings

    Album release date is 24th November but figured as this track is available now i would post it here.

    Really into this personally and strongly recommend giving the track a listen.

    'Announcing his first new music since 2013, Hello Skinny delivers a singular slab of idiosyncratic, brightly-daubed club music. Collaborating with legendary trombone player and minimalist composer Peter Zummo (who, most famously, worked with Arthur Russell on tracks like "Go Bang" and "Kiss Me Again"), New York's free-form musical legacy is a guiding force'
    Elephant and dwarf they call them, Pepe Kalle and his little
    stage dancing friend Emoro.


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      The long-awaited (at least by me) Lords Of Thyme, 'Pellets' LP is finally out on Sunstone- pretty surprised nobody's mentioned this yet. There are any number of pointers to their sound but I'm not going to mention any because I think they use the influences well enough that they don't sound derivative. Here's a link to 'Coming Down' which has a nice instrumental drop-out at the end leaving the drums clacking away with the ghost of the tune in the background before it all starts up again. The good news is that there is also an LP coming which collects their previous CD releases. So with this and Pill Fangs Sunstone appear to have delivered two of my very favourite records this year.

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        This is massive the debut solo LP by DIY SOS, New Age Guru and all round good egg Nick Knowles out soon. Not sure if it's getting a the vinyl treatment although I damm well hope so with genius like this on it. :

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