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As we're on stats....How many purchases have you made on Discogs / Ebay...

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  • As we're on stats....How many purchases have you made on Discogs / Ebay...

    .... and how does that compare to sales, if you sell? Taking into account multiple purchases.....

    Mine is: Discogs: 336 purchases v 204 sales. So much for 1 in 1 out! First purchase / sale in September 2009. Only bought 25 and sold 1 on ebay over the last 3 years....
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    Pitch how do you get the stats out of discogs?
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      Got a rating of 40 on Discogs since 2009 as a buyer, so I guess 40 odd purchases - never sold on there - and have bought (and sold) hundreds on eBay since 2003

      Edit: just checked my eBay feedback stats: 810 as a buyer and 1126 as a seller

      Selling on there has kept me going through a couple of lean patches!

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        Scrolling down on the billing page is an eye opener!

        "Fees paid: $1,084.31"

        Up to order 854 but a good proportion (50%?) were for multiple items. Only bought about 100 items.

        Not sold records on ebay since 2007 when Discogs added the marketplace, although I sold some non-record items recently and noticed (in amongst all the stupidly low prices I got for things back then before VINYLZ were cool again) that I managed to get 45 quid for the New World Trumpet A Go Go on Saga

        Still buy a few things on ebay but Discogs is my first choice - searching and wading through seller's other items is a pain on ebay


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          oh, the fees are over a ten year period in case anyone from HMRC is reading!


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            Never sold anything, although I'm starting to have a think about it.

            Discogs - 0 ( forgot to pay and may still be on naughty step)
            eBay - Last one was three years ago. Three failed snipes since then.
            Todocoleccion - About a dozen a year.
            Mercadolivre - 1 tortuous transaction involving old work colleague in Argentina.

            I made a decision to stop online buying of old stuff a few years ago. I much prefer finding random stuff in the wild, and as there isn't much of that where I am, I find myself getting into it much more deeply.


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              Originally posted by bongolia View Post
              I managed to get 45 quid for the New World Trumpet A Go Go on Saga
              In God's name how?
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                Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post

                In God's name how?
                no idea, unless it's a mistake in their data - I don't even remember selling it and was sure I had it and was looking for it recently, then was surprised to see I'd sold it in my ebay feedback history.

                guess it helps cancel out stuff like this:
                ELIAS RAHBANI Mosaic of the Orient II LP NM £5.00
                CHARLES MINGUS Black Saint and the Sinner Lady LP NM £5.19


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                  I've used a different ebay account now for buying records since about 2012 but my original account goes back to 2002 but it's used by the whole family across 3 houses now. I've definitely bought significantly more records on ebay but am drawn to discogs more nowadays especially when you find a good seller with good postage options so you can make up a pile.

                  I rarely sell any records online but I did sell that 'Junction 32' album on 'Holyground' which after playing I realised was quite crackly with light scratches had some weird white stains on it and a terrible cover so I was honest about condition and it went for £90 ish. I know 'Holyground' have released some great records but it sounded bog standard pub folk to me, not the worst of it's genre but the thing has sold for £700+ in the past. Madness I tell you!

                  Maybe I could have had it cleaned and written a silly long write up with 'acid psyche folk lost masterpiece' in the title and it might have gone for more but I'd have lied.
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                    been selling on ebay since 2001 until about 2014, I stopped because of the 10% on postage fees and went to discogs. sold about 200+ on there this year. only bought about 14 things though. I tend to only buy new sealed records and mainly from amazon..



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                      My stats are something like 406 purchases vs 2,650 sales....


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                        Originally posted by eclipsechaser View Post
                        Pitch how do you get the stats out of discogs?
                        You check the number of your last sold order - that gives you an indication of sold items - though if you sell loads of multiples it will be somewhat higher than that. You can also check total number of purchases (under marketplace - shows you total top left) - but then again you'll need to take into consideration multiples. My totals are relatively manageable so didn't take long to work out the correct totals.....
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                          Originally posted by Viva Chiba View Post
                          My stats are something like 406 purchases vs 2,650 sales....
                          That's healthy! 1 in 5 out
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                            Rather deceptive stats though, given that I am purchasing more bobbins to sell (meaning the house is still full of mediocre records), and using the filthy Paypal lucre to buy stuff at fairs, boot sales, Ebay, online lists etc etc. Moreover I'm selling lots of cheap chud to buy tastier items. That said, I now have 0 credit card debt (it was 5K at one point!) so the hobby is now a bit more self sustaining.

                            Let me know if you ever fancy a dig in Bristol Steve, loadsa shops here at the moment.


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                              Discogs: LPs bought 6, sold about 60 ...
                              "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."