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  • that box of records

    i have a couple boxes of records, they don't fit in the main collection. they aren't rares for trading in, they are just boot sale purchases that are neither brilliant or crap.

    what do I do with them? I think my life would be better without them, but everytime I go to sort them I give up. bin them? I doubt record shops would take them, list them all on discogs?


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    job lot on gumtree , then someone just comes round and takes them awaay


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      good idea
      ill try it.


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        These are the sort of records you can take to MVE in London. They don't pay well but take anything. You can trade for vouchers as well.
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          carrying these the 106 miles might be a bit of a problem

          used to be one in Birmingham but it closed recently


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            I'm guessing a load of these records would have been picked up in charity shops, so... why not give them to charity? Guaranteed if you paid a quid each for them, other people would pay a quid. To later decide they're surplus to requirements. And then give them to charity... and so the karmic wheel of vinyl continues to turn.
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              yeah, I don't see the problem here - in decreasing order of effort: list on Discogs, freebie thread on here, donate to local charity shop that has the cheapest price for LPs (I just put the records straight out on the shelves, just in case they throw them out because of any torn sleeves etc), advert on Gumtree/Shpock/whatever is popular near you or advert on local freecycle group


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                not a problem, just holding on to things I don't need.
                the house is full of stuff like this. kind of asking permission to get rid of stuff.

                the main collection gets pruned a lot, but these few boxes around the house just get looked at, and given up on. I could do with the space really.

                ill try again tonight. discogs a few and then bin all the scuffed / ripped covers. charity ship all the rest.


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                  stuck them on the sale bit on facebook. about 240 records, £30, went in about 30 mins. collected from the house. glad they are gone, they were annoying me.


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                    Good stuff Paul, i'm sure lots of people just see a 'bargain'
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                      Could have turned those into a nice wine cabinet.
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                        Originally posted by Paul-K View Post
                        stuck them on the sale bit on facebook. about 240 records, £30, went in about 30 mins. collected from the house. glad they are gone, they were annoying me.
                        Good work. Might have to do this myself, I think.


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                          a couple of days later and I cant even remember what were in the crates, the space the took is now free and I have no guilt in buying more records.

                          now to wait for the boot sale season to start again and fill that space up.


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                            I went for the boxing up about 50 45s and mailing them to another collector who might have some use for a few of them approach. Like you Paul I already can't remember what most of them were and am planning what to buy now....