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    I'd probably just end up in a charity shop....
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    its unfortunate that the person this is made out of wouldn't get to listen to it.


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      Aren't they just ripping these people off? Maybe it's the same people; I can't see Facebook at work.
      "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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        ah you could be right SK
        The Garden Facebook Blog


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          "… When I wash away, don't nobody mourn for me, and don't nobody cart me out to Potter's Field to dump me all in a heap with the other scorned and forgotten cast-aways. I don't aim to have fillings and bridgework picked out, to fatten the Bull Durham sack in some junkie's or lushhead's pocket. Uh, uh. Just take my body and shove it in one of them blast furnaces, and when I'm melted down good, scrape out the dust and mix it up with some shellac and press it into a record with a King Jazz label on it. Don't stamp any D.A. on the label. Just mark down: Here lies Mezz the Prezz, home at last. And on one side press Gone Away Blues, and on the other Out of the Gallion, and then take it up to Harlem and give it to some raggedy kid on The Corner who hasen't got the price of admission to see the stage show at the Apollo or a deuce of blips to buy himself a glass of foam. Let him play that record until it cracks or wears out, or until he gets tired of it, and then let him throw it away and that's that. Just do that, and you'll know I’ll be happy. That's memorial enough for me".

          - Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow: Really the Blues
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