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  • most-collectable James Last lp

    I know "Voodoo Party" and "Best Kept Secret" are musically the best but is Voodoo rare?

    Also ,which cover version is more desireable. (Can indeed ANY Last be actually desireable.)

    I know the old Vinyl Vulture had an article on this, but that is long gone and I doubt Wayback Machine can help.

    What are the rare ones. Please - I dont mean rare cos its a japanese/Indian press wotever.

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    I've found 2 copies of Voodoo, 1 copy of Hair and 0 copies of Best Kept Secret, if that's any help. The 1970 America one that was reissued on CD and was only available on vinyl as a promo is the rarest one, isn't it?
    I like the double live lp with Greensleeves best, and Non Stop Dancing 85 with Two Tribes, When Doves Cry and Smalltown Boy.
    And I still wish this specially commissioned masterpiece to open the 1971 Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin had been released...



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      There is a remarkably unremarkable Japan only album that goes for big bucks.

      Personally I like picking up foreign pressings of Voodoo Party when I see them. I Have an Indian and a Korean pressing so far.

      Edit: I just realize this is specifically not what you asked for. Sorry.
      All the Wolpertingers


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        Here in Ontario the "Best Kept Secret" lp is rather common.


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          I rarely an Australian Voodoo Party. If I see one for cents I would be happy to buy for you Cacapo.

          There is an (apparently) fairly rare Kriesler stereo demo LP that I see occasionally for squat. Have provided a copy in the past. Nothing special about the track list IIRC.


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            I wouldn't say Voodoo Party is rare here. I find one every now and then and give them away. No one wants to pay anything for them anyway because "it's James Last".
            "This is Modpowerpopsouljunkierock´n´roll so stop post shit like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Grace Jones , Led Zeppelin and some other boring blues stuff, that kind of music don´t belong in this group, if I´ll ever see shit like that posted in this group again that person will be banned from this group forever!!!!"


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              Yeah. I pick them up and throw them on Discogs for the amount I paid usually.

              I was quite happy to finally pick up a copy of Paintings last year. JL does JMJ. Again Japanese only. Sorry.
              All the Wolpertingers


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	Best Kept Secret Maes-PilsƒWatneys cover.jpg
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                Probably already a well known fact around here but BKS can hide inside this cover over continental Europe. US record though.


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                  Isn't there a roller disco one from the early eighties? I can't see it on discogs but remember seeing it here in the past.
                  I ve never seen that in the field, and voodoo party still seems the only one deemed colectable.
                  Best kept secret and copaccabana are actually listenable in parts.