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  • Minder music?

    A long shot I know.

    Anyone happen to just watch the Minder episode on tv and also happen to know what the slow piano/double bass/drums track that was playing when Terry was chatting with the woman in the bar?

    I've got it somewhere but I can't find it. I was sure it was the last track on a Mozart Edition library but I can't find the track ?!?!

    I'm 99% sure it was the last track on a library though. Maybe a southern lp?

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    Can you narrow down which episode it was? I've gone through a couple of episodes that seem to have been on ITV 4 that day, but I can't find any scenes in a bar with Terry and a woman accopmanied by piano, double bass and drums! Most of them seem to be on Dailymotion, and ITV 4 seem to be on late series 1/early series 2.


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      Aha ! After much head scratching I found the the episode. "You Gotta Have Friends" Series 1 Ep 11. [ Around the 24 min mark. ]
      I said drums, but it's more of a snare brush type shuffle.

      Any idea what it is? I think I've gone through the handful of Mozart Editions I can find.


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        Got it! It's 'Visage De Sable' by Yves Allain and Robert Hermel, from Sylvester SMCLP 532 'Before Or After' - nice tune, not one I'd come across before.

        You were right, it's the last track on side 2 of the LP!


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          top spotting!


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            You legend! Can't thank you enough. I was starting to wonder if I somehow imagined playing it at all. Thanks again.


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                I watch the same from DailyMotion but don't have any idea as to what your need is
                soundcloud to mp3 converter


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                  A quick search brought up a Library Music forum:

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