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New life trio Visions Of The Third Eye

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  • New life trio Visions Of The Third Eye

    Whats the crack with this LP was it only issued in 1980? on mustevik lable? has it been reissued?
    Really want one but know nowt about it and it sounds earlier to me which made me wonder. cheers

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    No reissue as far as i know , really like David Wertman and Steve Reid albums but for this one purely because of the guitar in it but thats why you may like it so each to our own, one will turn up for you and not at that LorenzenWright price on discogs !


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      I've had it but sold it (not 'cos it's not great, wish I hadn't) - has it not been reissued on CD by Soul Jazz? They've put out some of the other albums. I thought it sounded very contemporary - kinda of a piece with some post-punk stuff. Put a track on a swap CD a few years back if I recall correctly.
      "As technology has advanced, vinyl records are outdated as they are music from the 19th Century so only hipsters and elderly people buy vinyl records".

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        Want it for that empty streets track. cheers for the info boys ill keep searching ebay etc £100 would work for me!