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    I'm bored and was going to reply to a thread about the top 10 albums that defined my life but it hurt my head so I thought I'd list what I'm listening to now. Expect Country mind you! I hope others join in, doesn't have to be 10 or have videos or even have any reasons why. So just a bit of fun really.

    In no particular order. :

    1. John Hartford - John Hartford - I discovered this on here and was a bit hesitant at first but it's a thing of beauty. Wonderfully written country against an orchestral backing and stoner lyrics. I'd be interested to know from people who appreciate his stuff what parts of his discography are worth picking up as there are loads. Johnny Cash explains it better than I. :

    2. Michael Nesmith and the First National Band - Magnetic South - I could pick almost any Nesmith album from the 70's as I've picked up them all over the last year starting with 'Nevada Fighter' but it ended up a fight between this and 'Tantamount to Treason' but this just works so well as an album and I've probably played it the most. Tripped out country with possibly the best ever version of 'Beyond the Blue Horizon' complete with car noises and Red Rhodes who has become a bit of a hero. I'm glad I picked up 'Nevada Fighter' as I already had 'Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma' and I still find that a difficult album. :


    3. Smile Down Upon Us - Neo-folk album which is a 'Phelan Sheppard' produced album featuring lots of plinky plonky wonky percussion, crazy goings on and Japanese artist 'MoomLooo' here singing about being a Millwall fan. :

    4. Crooked Brothers - Lawrence Where's your Knife - This is modern country/americana from a really tight 3 piece from Canada. Bought from an ebay seller who must have bought a job lot as he was selling loads dirt cheap as well as the follow on album. It gripped me as soon as I played it as it's so well recorded and of course as soon as I went to buy the next album it was gone, shit out of luck! :

    5. Snow Pams - Origin and Echo - In his 'Snow Palms' project of which this is the second album released at the end of last year 'David Sheppard' plays all manner of tuned percussive instruments overlaid and looped in mysterious ways. :

    6. Hespurus - Crossing Over - I've had this odd bluegrass album for a couple of years now. I find it very progressive and chilled as well as being musically top notch. If I cant think of anything to play It's something I'm reaching for. Cheap as chips too. :

    7. Graham Nash - Wild Tales - I've been getting into all things CSN&Y related but this is a favorite. I rate it much more than his previous debut solo LP. Just puts me in a right good mood and has helped me through some shitty times last year. Perfect length for an album. :

    8. Dead Light - Dead Light - This album floored me when I heard it. They are a two piece male and female duo who use prepared piano, strings and all sorts of piezo mic'd thingymajigs to make a beautiful noise. I often drift off to sleep to this it's lush. :

    9. Keith Jarrett - Treasure Island - Picked this up on a digging trip it's from 75 and many might find it slightly cheesy but I think it's so well written and the melodies go on for ages so there is always something new to discover every time I put it on. It's all sounds rather chilled and laid back but in terms of execution must have been far from it.

    10. Zofff - Zofff 1 - Note the 3 f's. Treeboy put me on to this as it features 'Bic Hayes' of 'Cardiacs' and 'Levitation'. They are a jam/improvisation band so they don't have set songs as such (although no doubt they have a big selection of riffs to choose from) they just get on stage and play for an hour straight. This their first release has had some tidying up post production and some dude's homegrown synth added but it's a stellar album and sounds crystal clear unlike the muddy cam vids on youtube which give you no real idea of how great they sound. I'd say they waver between Krautrock and Psychedelic Rock ambient in places but mostly driving motorik in your face madness. A band that I need to experience live as that's what they are all about and this video probably does not do them justice. :

    Special mention to 'Frank Sinatra - Watertown' and 'Kris Kristofferson - Border Lord' both of which I've been milking a bit too much. If you'd have told me I'd be listening to 'Kris Kristofferson' in 2018 I'd have thought you quite mad and probably told you to go away!

    So yep just some random music I play more than other things of late, nothing grail like or undiscovered as such but what is occupying my head. I wish I had the ability to write better to express myself and I've probably posted some of these before but there you go . Would love to see other charts however random.
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    Think I picked up the first snow palms after you mentioned it last year some time. I enjoyed it I'll grab the later one too. Cheap as chips also


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      Yeah I grabbed the first one pretty cheap, the new one is especially good and quite a few years in the making. I understand because it's pretty much if not all 1 guy and of how he puts it all together I don't think it will ever be a toured although he didn't rule it out. I think it would be a brilliant spectacle if not financially viable sadly.

      Originally posted by jay View Post
      Think I picked up the first snow palms after you mentioned it last year some time. I enjoyed it I'll grab the later one too. Cheap as chips also
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        1. Big Thief - Capacity/Masterpiece
        I bought Capacity out of curiosity, having seen it soon after reading a good review of it somewhere. I’m not sure I would have listened to it much but my eldest daughter took to it immediately and so asks me to put it on all the time. It’s not normally the kind of thing I would listen to but as a result it’s dug it’s claws deep into me and I completely love it. So I bought their first LP too and it’s just as good.

        2. Hamad Kalkaba - 1974-75
        compiled from his 3 45s, ogs of which I am unlikely to ever see. This is some mind blowing shit.

        3. Toffo-Houssou “Miguelito” - Vol.1
        2 dope extended Latin jams on this fine LP from Benin. Backed by Les Volcans.

        4. Papa Yankson - Ra-Ka-Nyaa
        i picked this up a little while ago but have been caning it of late. There’s a decent afrobeat track on the B side but the main draw for me is the side long highlife medley on the A, which is hypnotic, deep and funky Ghanaian highlife business.

        5. The Gatherers - Words of My Mouth
        Not an Lp though, a 10”. Lee Perry’s finest moment IMO in a ‘rehearsal’ version.