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  • February 2018 new releases

    Those sterling people at Honest Jons have just reissued three Derek Baily LPs in collaboration with Incus. Maybe there aren't that many DB fans on here but for those of us that are it's a godsend because some originals can cost an arm and a leg. 'Solo Guitar' vol 1 is a double featuring both issue of 'Solo Guitar vol 1', and there are also doubles of the Incus LPs with Han Bennink, and Anthony Braxton.

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    MGMT - 'Little Dark Age' - The reviews I've read seem to follow a rather patronising 'nice to be able to welcome them back to their hitmaking mode after the aberrations that have been their last two albums' type drift, but this I feel is to misunderstand MGMT and what they do. Whilst they mightn't always have been to the taste of those who took 'Oracular Spectacular' at face value, 'Congratulations' and 'MGMT' merely cultivated and germinated the cynical seeds planted in songs like 'Time To Pretend' whilst the boys expanded in all directions to develop confidence enough to take on pretty much any musical style with aplomb.

    Despite boasting the kind of sleeve that your mate's post punk band records might have sported around 1979, 'Little Dark Age' is a highly polished affair that probably appeals more to fashion conscious reviewers due to it's modish reworkings of eighties styles and instrumentation, not an underpopulated field for sure, but MGMT's slightly more obscure sonic references will have the knowing listener smiling at their chutzpah, from the Jane Wiedlin era Sparks wobbliness of 'She Works Out Too Much' through the (Steve) strangeness of the title track and the 'Prefab Sprout go mad with a sequencer and a Fairlight' chugging of 'Me And Michael'. In truth, the album sags a little about two thirds of the way through, the relative lyrical paucity of 'When You're Small' being it's nadir, but it recovers in time to finish on their latest single, the rather more anthemic 'Hand It Over' which achieves that difficult trick of summing up the dissatisfying state of things irrespective of your political viewpoint.

    Still, MGMT albums have a habit of growing on me with repeated listens, so even if it doesn't seem a 100% stone winner right now, there's time yet. Available on double 180gm at not too unreasonable a price from the usual suspects...

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      There should be some people on here who will be delighted that Trunk have just put out an LP which includes the soundtrack to 'I Start Counting'.

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      "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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        There are! I was just going to post about this. The clips sound great. Can't wait!!!
        The cover is OK, but a bit more design would have made it even more desirable ...
        "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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          Repress of this 10" of library style tracks - Mellotron, bass, drums



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            I recall learning from the old site of a particular Francis Lai comp that had a track called "African Summer". That track was singled out for praise. Was there also the statement that the source soundtrack had yet to be identified? Looks like it might be "L'Odeur des Fauves" the CD release of which Dusty Groove expects to have shortly. First listen to some Youtube clips suggests promising mildly funky/jazzy/ bossa sounds.

            Two other soundtracks on the CD?