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  • Easter Freebies

    Ok, it might not be the most celebrated day of the Easter Weekend, but it's the one where I've most opportunity to get these listed up.

    Those familiar with how I 'roll' will pretty much know the drill. But, as the same nonsense happens every time I do this freebies thing, I'd best just run through the rules of the game one more time.

    These items are up for grabs to anyone who has contributed to VG+ to the extent where they have amassed a minimum of 50 posts.

    You will only pay for your postage costs. As I've had to order a bunch of mailers to enable me to do this freebies offer, I'll have to levy those into the final fee, but I'd still guess you'll only be paying around £3.50 for a package sent by second class mail (which will allow you to have up to 2kg of vinyl - which would be about 5/6 LPs).

    The important bit, which seems to trip at least one person up EVERY time. Those who want to take any items are asked to make their selections known in the thread (i.e. don't PM me).

    Before making your selection, read what your fellow Plussers have already asked for, so that you don't duplicate on something that's already gone (as with the above, this happens EVERY time!) .

    Give us a couple of days to let the dust settle and I'll probably get in touch with folk on Easter Monday to sort the Paypal situation out.

    I appreciate that, though these items are free of charge, no-one wants knackered records, so if there are condition issues that I'm aware of, I'll mention them next to the pic. If summat slips through the net, I can only apologise for any disappointment that may cause. As far as I know though, there should be nothing below VG in condition. And they're free. Costing you nowt.

    Other than that, Happy Easter, fill your boots.

    Mixtape fodder / WMS:

    Bit of 'Farang':

    (Top right is Milton Nascimento 'Geraes')

    Canon fodder:

    VG+ treats:

    (NB - Bud Shank has a slight edge warp / Bottom right is a KPM white label - Gentle Sounds Vol2)

    Hurr and JCS (how very apt):

    More canon fodder:

    (IIRC Rupert needs a clean)


    Dr No.....................vocal cords:

    VV / VG+ gear:

    Breaks and, indeed, ting:

    Big Band parpery:

    More canon fodder:

    And a bit more:

    Can and Fodder: (see what I did there?)

    (Our German chums have a bit of crackle, which I think is just muck, but I don't like the tunes enough to be arsed cleaning it to find out!)

    Moore canon fodder: (think about it...............classic punnery - I'm here all week and don't forget the meat raffle!)

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Hi Ben

    Please may I have Stan Butcher's 'Swing like a...'

    I've seen the odd Stan Butcher here, but never that one.




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      Hi ben

      Can I grab the Can, Nascimento and the Drum Drops?



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        I've never heard of the WIlf Todd - bossa according to Discogs. I'll have that too if I may Ben. Ta

        Just listening to the Leo Ferre on Youtube. Eeeeek! The music is great in a bananas way. But I can't stomach the declamatory vocals.


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          Please may I have:
          This That & The Other
          The Camerata Contemporary Chamber Group - Eric Satie
          Medical Mission Sisters - Knock Knock

          edit - and if room, the Billy Strange "Secret Agent File" would be ace - thanks again!
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            Total generosity as always
            Happy Easter Ben


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              Ben. I can relieve you of Ron Savage 'Freewheelin', Bert K's '6plus6', the KPM 'Gentle Sounds' and Stan Butcher's 'Birds 'n' Brass'. Thanks Chief.

              Nice to see the Partridgism.

              I like that Roland Shaw LP. Best of all I like this swinging take, with thumping drums, on the '007 Theme' which builds and builds and builds...

              "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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                Great spirit of generosity as usual Ben! Could I grab 'Bud Shank', 'Pat William's, 'Amour Anarchie' and 'Beat Oratorio' and 'songs are for singing' if no one grabs it, will make good sample fodder.
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                  Hi Ben,

                  May I please get the Tony Hatch, Don Lusher and Harry Roche?

                  Many thanks!


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                    I'm happy to give the two Zack Laurence Lps a home Ben.

                    Many thanks!


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                      Great stuff Ben! Bummed I missed Swing like A B. Would be great if could have Captain Noah and Dannys Clan? Happy easter!
                      Last edited by Per; 01-04-2018, 12:44 PM.


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                        Sorry to hijack the thread, but Per - do you still want that Maxwell Plumm? Maybe Ben could put the Captain Noah in with mine and I could send them both out? Save a bit on postage.


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                          Sound great! Would be truly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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                            Hiya - would love the Barbara Dixon, Glen Campbell and Samantha Jones, if that's OK?


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                              Happy Easter Ben!

                              Wishing you good record karma and cheap raer finds over the Bank Holiday
                              it's OK to head out for wonderful, but on your way to wonderful, you're gonna have to pass through all right. When you get to all right,
                              take a good look around and get used to it, because that may be as far as you're gonna go.