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UK Gospel - where's the good stuff?

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  • UK Gospel - where's the good stuff?

    Hi, couldn't see a thread about this anywhere, sorry. I have a fair amount of gospel, but nothing at all from the UK, which makes me think i'm probably missing some gems. What's out there? And are there any areas of the country that are particularly good for it? Cheers, Stephen

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    I'd be interested in this myself. I come across copious amounts of religious/Xian fare but nothing that has struck me as 'gospel' in the manner that I associate with that form (for me primarily the more call and response type of collective singing found in the southern states of the U.S.). There have been a few almost moments - I have an LP of music from Iona which has a couple of interesting tracks in amongst religious preachings and monologues on one side and an odd track on an LP by the Ross Brothers on Emblem that builds nicely but is a bit too 'straight' (and likely Presbyterian) for what you might be after and both records are marginal at best.


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      I have a couple of decent things in this bag from my previous patch of Sarf Laandun which I'll endorse!

      The Faithful Youth Challengers. Has a few good tracks, my fave being a vocal version of 'Testify'. Below is an instro version from the LP, which is also awesome xtian funk grooviness as the audio clip can errrr testify. If Mr Recordkingz ever had this he'd have sold it as a 'SUPER RAER XTIAN PSYCH FUNK MURDER BREAKS' obscurity for £250. For The Producers - of course.

      The enigmatic R L Edwards is also well worthy of investigation - if you can track him down. I have his 'Hard Road To Travel' LP which is his soulful vocals accompanied by mainly lo-fi and almost garagey guitar, a very curious private pressy thing indeed. He also recorded at least one other LP and a 45, both of which I'd love to check out ...

      Looks like this might be an excellent place to get some more pointers ... and also casts further light on Mr R L Edwards!!!


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        Just got very excited about that book until i realised it was selling for 130 sheets...


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          Yeah, sorry, I linked it up then noticed the three figure price tag ... if I was you I'd try to contact the author and ask if he'll sell you an E-Book version of it or something, gotta be worth a go.

          Online preview still contains some clues though ...

          Not bad!!!


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            Try this:
            Love old style gospel, Xian acid-folk and psychedelia (some of the best stuff is crazily rare and expensive) and a bit of Christian hard rock (see Joshua on Key Records, or the AC/DC inspired 100%Proof). Gospel wise I'd recommend The Inspirational Choir, LCGC and Trumpets of Zion, in particular.


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              Best band I've come across in the genre is the LCGC. They put out this on Island in 1984, which is cheap to find, but there's a lot of their stuff worth checking out. They had a bit of profile in the 1980s, interviews in the Face and NME etc.
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                Originally posted by Whisky Stephen View Post
                Just got very excited about that book until i realised it was selling for 130 sheets...
                Looks to be a copy here for £35 shipped from Australia: