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Podcast recommendation: Cocaine & Rhinestones

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  • Podcast recommendation: Cocaine & Rhinestones

    I listen to a lot of podcasts while I'm walking.

    This one is excellent, even if like me, you're not especially fond of country music:
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    This is probably the best music podcast I've ever heard. The guy does proper research and tells a proper good yarn.

    I'll recommend you start with the Bobbie Gentry episode though every one I've listened to so far has been very entertaining.

    What's your favourite music podcast? I need more!
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    Cheers Turbo that sounds right interesting. I don't listen to any music podcasts really apart from some of the ones you post and the odd episode of 'cratediggers' on Youtube and various ones I come across. There is an American one where some Hipster guy sits in his retro front room and listens to an album every episode which was quite interesting but it was a bit all over the shop in terms of what he played.

    David Baddiel is currently doing a Bowie one which is supposed to be pretty irreverent and geeky but I'm not into Bowie so not checked it out.
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      Just listening to Bobbie today, and pondering on her amazing decision to just retire when she was so effortlessly talented. Will give it a listen.

      Marc Riley is doing a great Bowie podcast, the A - Z of Bowie, enjoyable. Hip Hop Saved My Life with Romesh Ranganathan is excellent, he's a very funny stand up and proper hip hop head.


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        that podcast sounds great.

        I'm a podcast novice, and not listened to many music ones yet, mostly comedy - my favourite so far has probably been Smershpod, discussing the Bond (and various tenuously related) films. Quality can vary a bit depending on the guest - from memory Al Murray on "Moonraker", Julia Raeside on "The Living Daylights", Samira Ahmed on "Never Say Never Again", were all very good