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    (although I wouldn't mind the Liege & Lief)

    With just a few days to go until hmv Vinyl Week kicks off in stores, we reveal the final batch of exclusive titles...
    North of the River Cole

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    At last, Chris Rea coloured vinylz.


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      Originally posted by bennyboy View Post
      At last, Chris Rea coloured vinylz.
      If it's not Driving Home for Christmas on plum-pudding effect vinyl I'm not interested.


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        Was passing HMV on Oxford Street on Friday but they didn't have these in yet, was going to pick up a Liege And Lief in case someone wanted it. Had a *lot* of vinyl though, I'm always surprised by the sheer amount of stuff available now. Also some of it was on offer this week (up to half price) for some Father's Day promotion

        Re: the Suede - that olive coloured vinyl is disgusting. I've got something on dark green which also looks quite unpleasant. Those kinds of dark colours need to be translucent to work I think. Also I'd rather have 90s albums like Suede on CD I think, rather than some dubious quality novelty vinyl pressing for the Crosley VINYLZ crowd. The pink Liege and Lief works though, that looks pretty good.