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70 minutes on 1 LP ... that's insane

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  • 70 minutes on 1 LP ... that's insane

    But I just listened to one and it sounds perfectly OK:

    Who would'a thought?
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    Those are rookie numbers!

    Heres 100 minutes of easy cheese crammed on to one disc.
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      Bloody hell! 100 minutes? Surely the quality is absolutely atrocious, no?

      That's twice the recommended running time ... and probably audio torture to boot.

      "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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        I think they just wanted to see if they could. Doesnt sound particulary great but nothing terrible I think. Has a few of his funky cuts on there as well but it's a pain to actually find them while needledropping.
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          the label is "International Disc Service" - might it be for radio stations or background music?

          for sound quality - the material itself, the mastering, the lacquer cutting, the newness of the stampers and the vinyl quality will make a big difference. I've got classical LPs with 30 minutes on a side that sound good and then you get things like K-Tel comps which sound appalling.


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            One thing that actively prevents me from buying new LPs is when they go over to two discs, about 2–4 songs per side. I really can't be bothered turning it over that much. Much prefer a 5–7 songs a side and the whole thing over and done with. It can't be because the quality dips that much?
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              Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	571.3 KB ID:	1044185

              As indicated by the title (Dream House 78'17") this La Monte Young album is almost 40 minutes a side.
              One side is just two sine wave drones. The other side is almost as minimal ... so nothing in the way of bass to take up the grooves.
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                Yeah likewise. If too long for one LP I wish they'd do the album on 3 sides and bonus tracks or an etching or something for the 4th.


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                  There's also a bit of a trend in Jazz for remastering a single LP at 45rpm over two records with just one track on each side. Life's too short.
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                    I'm the same, I'm pretty into my ambient but just as my heads gets into a mediative state I have to change the record as it's the sort of music that lends itself to long form pieces, I echo Shere's 'Life's too Short' quote. I've always had this thing that the best albums are under 45 minutes long, there are a ton of exceptions these days of course since CD but I think that restraint made for some the best albums ever made. I'm also a fan of 3 sides and an etching, it's a nice touch.

                    It seems every Electronica or new Prog album is a double these days when they could easily be two separate albums. Same with Jazz. I mean 'The Epic' was epic but blimey I'll stick to the CD and 'Thundercat' releasing 'Drunk' as a 4 10" set is very cool but not for me.

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                      It's dead simple, you lazy sods . Get one of these then simply buy double albums in the 1/3 2/4 side numbering format, or buy two copies. Then you only have to get off your fat arses and turn them over once at the most.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post
                        There's also a bit of a trend in Jazz for remastering a single LP at 45rpm over two records with just one track on each side. Life's too short.