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UK custom's duties

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  • UK custom's duties

    Possibly boring topic (sorry)...

    I know they've lowered the threshold to $20 for customs charges, but have they also become much more proactive in picking up on these things?

    I used to be able to scrape by with only the occasional package attracting costs, but since moving house a couple of years ago, every second package from overseas is being slapped with charges - even when it's literally only $1 over the threshold.

    Am I unlucky or is it a much stricter world out there now?

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    Well I don't know about $20. £15 is what it should be which is currently less than $20-eeek. I couldn't say as the £18-20 postage charge from the US pretty much rules me out of US purchases these days. As we all know, the so-called handling charge is the worst part of the whole thing.
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