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  • Summer Freebies (Place-holder)

    I've been using this weekend's down-time to have a right good sift through the shelves and have got a good chunk of stuff that I'm happy to re-home.

    I will try to get it all listed up here in the next couple of days and will give you fair warning, although there's no time of the day that's amenable to everyone.

    The usual 'rules', criteria and parameters will apply:

    To curb the threat of lurkers, I'm still insisting on a 50 post minimum - if you haven't put in, you can't really take out, no?

    You'll only be paying for your postage. I'll recycle mailers where I can so that we can keep the costs down. I'd expect it to be £3 for a mailer of, say, 5 LPs. So, by all means ask for 4 or 5 LPs to take advantage of the second class postage 2kg weight limit.

    Condition of the items should be perfectly acceptable. Where there's any deficiencies, I'll try to flag that up. Did I mention that they're free of charge though?
    "I just wanted to check what condition Bang On A Drum is in?"
    "The condition it is in is 'free of charge'!"

    As folk will be making their choices visible within the thread, do your best to read the posts and understand what has already gone before you make your own choices.

    Let the dust settle for a couple of days and I'll then get back to you with payment details etc.

    Think that's about it for my vinyl-fascist tendencies, if I've missed owt, I'm sure someone will pipe up.

    I'll revive this thread ASAP. FIrst, I'm having my tea, then I've all the photos to stick on my laptop, edit, upload to Imgur etc

    Watch this space.................
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Everything is ready to roll. Will hopefully list everything on my dinner break tomorrow or summat.

    That's dinner as in breakfast, dinner and tea. 13.00ish.
    Jet Boy stole my baby.


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      Gawd bless you guv
      "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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        So, here we go. Please at least try to stick to the rules, although I always admired those who colour outside the lines a bit!!

        Ladies first:

        Some from Auntie:

        Vaguely Latin:

        All the following have yer common or garden drum breaks:

        And now it's just an onslaught of random VV / VG+ classics (and not so classics):

        (Bit of Studio Two action there)

        (The Trojan LP cleaned up quite nicely)

        (Barron Knights is, of course, signed by the band)
        Jet Boy stole my baby.


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          Wouldn't mind Reality Folk please Ben


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            And Chaquito, if that's not being greedy.(TV Thrillers please - didn't see the second one!)
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              I'd like the "Taste of Beat", "Paul Simon Interpreted" and "TAG Instrumental Spectrum" please - thanks!


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                Hey Ben - any/all of these : Harry Stoneham, Hot-For-May Pete Smith, either of the Chaquitos - and Rock Steady Crew please!


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                  Hi Ben could I get a bang a drum, the living sound and the durutti column please?
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                    I'd love the Camberwick Green please Ben.
                    The Downstairs Lounge


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                      Thanks Ben. Wouldn't mind the Peter Covent, Pete Smith, Trojan record, the Lowrey Organ if it hasn't gone. And the Laurie Holloway, why not. Thanks for doing this, you are kind.
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                        Ben I would just adore Janice Hoyt, Slightly Latin, Alan Tew 'Don't Look At Me', Bobby Billy Brasil, and The Great Chaquito revolution..Gawd bless you again.
                        "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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                          Edit: Ooops, no worries, gone. just a big thanks to Ben as usual.
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                            Hi Ben! Can I please have Carribean Carnival and Bang on a Drum. So nice of you to keep on doing this!


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                              Hi Ben, Mongo Santamaria if I may please, to double up with that I was quite excited by the thought of Bobby Billy Brasil or Pete Smith Orch or at a pinch Laurie Holloway but understand I am probably too late to the party.