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  • Bagpuss Redux

    Seeing as the original thread looks to be a bit buggy, here is a link to the Bagpuss record.

    A pricey reissue but just look how gorgeous it is! In the spirit of Bagpuss I will be buying a copy with scratched warped vinyl and a beat up tatty old cover that has been lovingly restored to near mint condition by a team of industrious wooden mice.
    The Downstairs Lounge

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    the Bert Jansch "Avocet" reissue that Earth put out a couple of years ago had a very similar sleeve with the prints (similar background colours on them too if I remember). I only bought the standard LP after deliberating too long at the Indie Labels market.

    looks good, but 40 quid is pretty steep!


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      id love this, but £40 is just too much for me


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        It's now listed on pre-order at Normans for 30.50, although I guess the 40 quid at Bandcamp is giving more to the artists.

        And listed at Normans as on Earth Recordings, so definitely will be the same as their Bert Jansch sleeve


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          I don't like the sleeve. It needs a proper Bagpuss photo.
          "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."