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  • Hoffmannesque

    I find the Steve Hoffmann music forum an oddly compelling place and find myself looking in there daily - with a certain grim fascination, it must be said. I'd join, but don't think I'd have anything to contribute to threads such as "Styx or Journey - Who's best? List 63 reasons for your choice here" or "Your top 10 B sides that feature the crumhorn?"

    So here's my Hoffmannesque question, sort of linked to my previous moan about having too many unplayed records:

    What's the longest you've had a record without actually playing it?

    I found one last night released in 1990 that I bought at about the time of release (from Selectadisc on Berwick Street, I seem to remember) that's still sealed - so my opening bid is 28 years

    (the record was a 12" by Out Out called "D.W.I." (Three remixes of Techno-Industrial Dance)...)

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    Wow, 28 years, that'll take some beating I think. I almost always open sealed records to inspect them, so even if I had something unplayed for that long it wouldn't be sealed, so I'm not sure I'd know. The point where I really started to accumulate records was probably in the late 90s, when I'd essentially stopped buying new releases and really began to investigate the past, buying multiple albums if I found an artist I liked, and its likely there's a few I never got round to playing. So my answer is probably 18 years, though I couldn't tell you which LP.

    Your experience with the Steve Hoffman site reminds me of my own experience with this forum. Here were people discussing genres I'd previously ignored, and I found this much more interesting than forums which just confirmed what I already knew.

    OK, so on to the key issue, Styx vs Journey: while Styx's early records on Wooden Nickel are probably more interesting than Journey's first couple (even with Aynsley Dunbar), Styx went downhill quickly, so Journey win overall . . . up to about 1980 anyway, after that I really haven't heard much of either.

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      VERY good question. It's usually within the month, but as sometimes been up to two years, if I've had a lot to process. I try to make a point of playing both sides, but I am sure there are unheard sides in my collection. The exception is curiosity/cover/spoken word records that I'm remotely interested in but have kept for some perverse reason. I can't have listened to all of them. But that's going to be eight years max.
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        Four weeks. This sort of thing only happens if I'm on a trip and don't have a turntable with me.
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          I share your fascination with the SH site in general and the bearded one himself. Apart from some of the petty arguments and naval gazing it's quite handy for checking up on reissues of more canon stuff just to make sure the mastering is OK but I do find it odd that if you have an OG of say 'Love - Forever Changes' and a couple of reissues for regular play why would you would want to shell out for the latest 'Rhino' reissue. Too many great records in the world to need multiple copies of each however great but ETTO.

          That said there is some good knowledge over there. I'm not going to top 28 years ever but I bet many over there have!
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            I try to make a point of playing everything I get as soon as I can, to make sure it's okay, doesn't need to be returned, need to go in the cleaning pile etc. I do forget I've got records, though. I've bought a duplicate several times- partly due to my terrible filing system. I have a system but for some reason certain records just don't make their way into it.
            It seems that with the current trend for the record as some sort of artefact that doesn't necessarily have to be listened to some records will never be played.
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              Picked up a sealed copy of the Sandy Denny double LP I've Always Kept a Unicorn on holiday in Devon back in June for £9.99, and for some reason haven't given it a spin yet. So I think three months is about my limit. But like others here, I do forget I've got certain titles and end up getting second copies - mainly because I have two 'organized' record cupboards and several others that are, er, less so.


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                My Hoffmannesque topic: Band members returning after missing a good part of the band's career

                Original Manowar drummer Donnie Hamzik played on the first album and left the band in 1983. Rejoined in 2009, stayed until 2017.
                Original Girlschool bass player / singer Enid Williams played on the first two albums and left in 1982. Rejoined in 2000. Still with the band.
                Crazy Cavan 'n' the Rhythm Rockers bass player Graham Price played on the band's third album in 1977, left sometime before the 1979 album. Rejoined around 2007, still with the band.

                It should be noted that all three bands have been active without break-ups since they started.
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                  Just had a quick check on one shelf and there's a Cannonball Adderley record that's lain untouched since i bought it in either 94 or 95. It's sealed, but it's not a particularly rare one. I have a feeling it's not particularly good either, so it's going to remain untouched for a bit longer.


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                    For all the reasons above, longest is about a year.
                    I also bought some sealed stock from a closing down shop, which I'm trying to sell to finance stuff I actually want. That's about 6 months old ...
                    If anyone's interested in a short list, hit me up.
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