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the golden faced prince (uk rec store character)

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  • the golden faced prince (uk rec store character)

    hey fellas,

    haven't posted here in ages, i know this is obscure but:

    last night a woman told me that there was a dude who called himself the golden faced prince who eventually got banned from the british museum because he kept coming in and claiming that he was the heir to all the egyptian artifacts in the world. apparently he sent elaborate dossiers into the egyptian department which they still have somewhere...

    anyway, she told me that back in the day she was googling him madly to try and figure out more and all she came up with was a mention of him on a record message board, something bout him coming into a shop...

    does this ring any bells to anyone present here? please pm if you have any info

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    I was in a record shop when this golden-faced bloke wandered in muttering about antiquities, bought some thrash metal LPs and a Donny Osmond single and ambled out. Turned out to be David Dickinson. Hope this helps