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  • Best source for mailers?

    Hey VG+ers,
    Where do folks get their record mailers these days? I've been meaning to do some freebies and swaps, so I need to get a batch of mailers and possibly stiffeners (or do you just use bits of other cardboard boxes for those?) Thanks for any tips!

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    Most bought stiffeners in the UK are rubbish, the ones I've had from Covers33 and Soundswholesale etc are so floppy and aren't worth buying really. I normally cut up packaging material, but the Defenda Pack ones are good, and come in three sizes 7" and two LP sizes: 317mm and 330mm to fit different mailers.

    The Defenda Pack mailers are good too, the "wrap" style small boxes are good for single or double LPs (they need a stiffener really and I usually tape in a 7" one as well in the space between the flaps. They work out lighter than the envelope ones so come in under 500g for International postage.

    I've just bought a load of their "Twister" mailers for larger numbers of LPs - they are ok, maybe not as good as I'd hoped.

    For 7"s I use either envelopes with 3 stiffeners or a cruciform box for overseas or multiple orders. The envelopes are Soundswholesale's "STRONGEST ALL BOARD PEEL & SEAL BROWN RECORD MAILERS" from eBay and they are better than the previous lots I had from Covers33

    i probably (definitely) spend too much time thinking about cardboard


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      i use these Peel-and-seal corrugated mailer.
      kinda like Amazon packaging, and you can use the floppy stiffeners as the package its self is really secure


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        I recycle incoming as much as possible.
        Probably not practical if you're in the UK, but if you're in the USA, these guys are the standard:


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          recycling them is great, which is why I've never liked receiving the Amazon / Lil packaging ones with the tear strip - makes them harder to re-use

          I only recycle for freebies or cheap Discogs sales though, unless it's one of those nice US bagsunlimited type cruciform boxes which are much better than the cruciforms you get here and great for sending stuff overseas


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            +1 for Defendapack's mailers. Cruciform type, fold up into a mailer. Do need a stiffener usually, but don't we all, from time to time?


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              Originally posted by Paul-K View Post
              floppy stiffeners

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                as it happens I just made a small order from soundswholesale, and it's taken a week to arrive so far and still isn't here. So I am fielding questions from buyers. avoid, I've never used them before and wouldn't use them again


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                  from their site or ebay? I've had no problems buying from them through ebay, but have read elsewhere about orders from their site not arriving quickly


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                    I've amassed a fair stock of mailers, stiffeners and assorted cardboard - probably a sign I've been buying more than I've been selling - so recycling is more usual route.
                    I've noticed some sellers using filler LPs and singles as 'stiffeners' too - occasionally a bonus if you get something you're actually interested in.