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The old record 'switcheroo' scam - anyone had this experience or can offer advice?

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    Originally posted by Cacapo View Post
    meh. feel free to PM or post the user name so I can put him on my blocked users list.
    I'd echo this.

    And to remind - tudor65 is one to add to your list.



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      Does PayPal rob your funds for the refund, or do they just pay him out of their petty cash?


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        Originally posted by moecurlythanu View Post
        Does PayPal rob your funds for the refund, or do they just pay him out of their petty cash?
        your funds/bank account


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          Only if you've authorized Paypal to access your bank account, which i wouldn't recommend.
          Paypal will use your account balance to fund the refund, and essentially suspend your account until you've transferred sufficient funds to cover any shortfall.

          I never leave a balance of more than about 40 quid for this reason. Worst case scenario, if the amount involved was large enough and i was 100% sure of fraud, i would abandon the account and create a new one. I haven't put it to the test but I'm willing to bet this is possible with a new credit card number.
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            paypal are a bank and like all banks will pursue a debt , they have your name and address and will send you a repayment bill in the post which if you dont pay you'll end up with your credit rating blacklisted forever everywhere , what your saying is that you'd commit fraud against a bank to get away from a debt


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              Paypal are not a bank -- though they'd like you to think so.
              They're a front end on a credit card.

              As I said, I would only take this course of action if the amount was significant and I was sure (and could demonstrate) fraud had been committed against me. Paypal habitually show no interest in investigating fraud properly.
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                Well that just sucks. Personally I'd call Paypal UK about this - 0800 358 7911. I've heard that they are actually really good on the phone.
                I'd be willing to bet that this twat has done this quite a lot as well.
                I've heard of someone a while back who got a refund from them after a closed dispute for a returned electronic item that had valuable parts removed. I think he had to fax a declaration to them in the end? Very weird. I know this link is not for the exact issue, but it was along these lines.

                You can tell him that you've been advised to contact the fraud department @ paypal. It would probably freak him out.
                You could also inform him that you feel obligated to make sure no one else is scammed by him by posting his full details on every record forum you can find.


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                  Originally posted by vinylism View Post
                  He returned the later issue / bootleg, whereas I sold the original. As far as PayPal are concerned he returned 'something' so case closed.
                  That's fucking disgusting. It's only a very short matter of time before it happens to another person, and it's probably happening on a regular basis. These guys know they can game the system. I've got a few records I'd like to sell on Discogs, or elsewhere but where's the guarantee that the same thing won't happen? There's no guarantee. It's a broken system, and probably a business opportunity if someone could work out how to monetize it.

                  I think Milesago has given some good advice, which I'll certainly consider.

                  What kind of business habitually sides with half its customers against the other half?

                  This has got to get fixed.
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