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Barry Beats aka Si Spex £1 breaks

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  • Barry Beats aka Si Spex £1 breaks

    The £1 beat making challenge, Barry Beats aka Si Spex goes for a dig with a quid and makes some beats.

    Anyone else been following his shenanigan on youtube?

    Here's another video of him showing some fairground organ that plays dr dre beats

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    I think Bongolia posted that first one last month so he must be a fan. I'd never heard of him but he has an engaging way about him for sure.
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      yeah, I'm a big fan of his videos, wish he'd make them more often. He was one half of The Creators, with Juliano who had the RECORDKINGZ ILL FUNK RARE BREAKZ website.

      his "hip hop star wars" video is a lot of fun and will probably appeal to some folks here:


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        Originally posted by bongolia View Post
        Juliano who had the RECORDKINGZ ILL FUNK RARE BREAKZ website.

        Did not know that was gone. Kinda sad really.
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          The Creators "The Weight" album was pretty good. Like most producers' albums with different rappers on each track it suffers from lack of cohesion, but the beats are great. Oh and there are too many long skits - all answering machine messages about when the album is finally coming out (pun in the title - wait/weight)

          They should have had more production credits, unlucky timing really I guess