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  • Fitful ripping

    Can anyone suggest why I keep losing a channel when ripping with Audacity? It seems to happen after a while - a drag when ripping a long track.

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    Something in the Export settings maybe?
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      If you're losing a whole channel, it sounds like you might have a cable problem. What's your setup?

      Fairly recently I started getting dropouts while ripping, sometimes one or two frames, which is unnoticeable, and sometimes a hundred or more which is more noticeable.

      After reading a load of Audacity pages, I solved my problem (mostly) by shutting down any unnecessary programs while I'm ripping, and also altering the window settings so the wave form update is as unnoticeable as possible. That stops resources being taken away from the ripping process.

      Also make sure you're doing your ripping on a local disk and not on an attached USB drive. That will also cause problems.

      As you can see, I've had a fairly large number of problems while using Audacity but it's the software I prefer for ripping so I persevere until I find what works for me.

      I used to rip through an expensive analog digital converter but now I just do it through the USB cable my TT has. I haven't really noticed a drop in quality.

      Hope this helps.


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        Definite occasional cable issues. I now keep dead still during.

        Nothing else runs at the same time.

        Possibly relevant that that channel generally records at a slightly lower level?


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          What do you use to connect the audio to your PC - is it just a line-in or is it a separate USB audio box? It does sound like either a dodgy cable or, if you use a USB box, it's possibly a fault in that box itself.


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            I had expected something quite different from this thread after reading that subject line!


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              Me too. I assumed there was going to be a question about the legendary second album, 'Ochre Shades and Peacock Dreams' by Fitful Ripping. I thought maybe GLC had picked one up for a couple of dollars in some out of the way, dusty, Australian town. That would have been a definite OOOOOOOF!
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                Line in.

                The main hit when I Google "fitful ripping"is to do with gorillas and undergrowth.


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                  I was thinking more like flatulence used as a weapon to drive off competition while crate digging.


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                    Replace the cheapest thing first. The cable. If that doesn't fix it, I guess PC repair time.

                    I quite often edit tracks together if I need to replace a jump after I've cleaned the rekkid. Tricky at first but it gets easier.
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                      I hadn't thought that the cable might be naff. Ta.


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                        Good luck, let us know how you get on!