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  • Bandcamp To Press Vinyl

    Our new vinyl pressing service streamlines the financing, production, and fulfillment of vinyl records. With no up-front investment, an artist or label can create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders almost immediately. Once they reach their minimum goal, we press their records and ship them to their fans.

    The new service eliminates risk, since fans’ orders finance the pressing, rather than the artist or label. It eliminates hassle, since we press the records, print the packaging, and ship to fans (and fulfill digital too). It offers complete control, with the design and pricing up to the artist, and Bandcamp taking no ownership of the record. And it produces a quality result: our manufacturing partner has over 60 years experience pressing vinyl, so the records look, and sound, great.

    The Bandcamp vinyl service will open to all artists and labels later this year, but today we’re launching four pilot campaigns that provide an idea of what’s possible...

    Fabulous concept.

    Will watch with interest.

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    That’s great, I love Bandcamp find some great things on that site.

    Another site called Qrates does a similar thing!
    More options for your release on Qrates

    Artists have 2 options when publishing a project on Qrates; start collecting pledges from backers without any financial commitment upfront with a “Crowdfunding” project, or pre-purchase your vinyl pressing upfront and start pre-orders right away. The choice is yours.
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    Maybe its downbeat with depressing themes and technically imperfect vocals but it is an excellent example of a downbeat mix with depressing themes and technically imperfect vocals

    A heathen, conceivably, but not, I hope, an unenlightened one


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      Whenever choice expands, it's great. & both of those are offering different services.

      Something should be better than nothing.
      "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."