Out tomorrow ... the latest release on my Do It Thissen label

DIT-008 / “Mzylkypop Presents Xzyles”: a core set of Sheffield musicians young and old (there’s a couple of ex-ClockDVA in there, plus an International Teacher Of Pop, and some local jazzers), with three collaboration tracks: one each with Stephen ‘Mal’ Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Wrangler, Creep Show), Adi Newton (ClockDVA, The Anti-Group), and Pete Hope (The Box) - godfathers of the Sheffield electronic/industrial music scene. There’s a bonus fourth track: a remix of Mal’s track by Dean Honer.

Mal’s track is “Doomerati”, a hymn to the invisible overlords who are leading us to hell, Adi’s track “Future Cartography” is Dolphy meets the Mothers featuring Adi’s voice and prose, a Joycean narrative voyage through the influences that shaped his thinking and music, and Pete Hope’s “Far from God” is real roadhouse Voodoo blues... All directed by Mr Mzylkypop himself- Mick Somerset Ward: ex ClockDVA, Floy Joy, Was Not Was, and now with Crooked Man. He’s also signed to Chrysalis BMG as a writer and has a forthcoming album out on Skint.

12" 45 EP, edition of 300 on black vinyl (not a lathe-cut this time ;-) )... All tracks available to listen to on Bandcamp >>>