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  • New releases January 2020

    It seems a little pointless to start a new releases thread so late in the month but I was just wondering about the Paul Weller Ghost Box record. I thought it was some sort of joke but it turns out it's not. This is probably old news but I only just came across it.

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    Sold out in a hour, many Ghostbox collectors annoyed all bought by Weller nuts, some of who admitted they won't even listen to it


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      He's a Ghostbox fan by all accounts.

      Apparently they were only allowed to press 1000 copies.

      Anyone who wants to hear the (from what I heard, unremarkable) music can buy digital.
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        yeah, the number of copies is typical, I think it's just annoyed Ghostbox completists that Weller completists (who aren't necessarily going to like the music or have supported Ghostbox before) beat them to it because of the way it was announced


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          Who's more bonkers, the artist completist or the label completist? When this was discussed on the excellent webuyrecords podcast, one of the guys asked if the Weller release had been given a consecutive catalogue number, the implication being that a custom number would be easier for Ghostbox collectors to endure. This comment brought me right back to my own experience with the folly of label collecting. But the bigger picture is that given Weller is a fan of the label, and wanted to do this, it's a pity he hasn't more control over his own destiny. He was 'allowed' to do this as long as only 1000 copies were pressed.
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            the music is much more in keeping with the rest of the label's output and not really at all with Weller's...