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Anyone bought from Discogs seller WORBVINYL?

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  • Anyone bought from Discogs seller WORBVINYL?

    Hi folks

    Anyone here bought from Discogs seller WORBVINYL?

    Nothing in the seller's inventory is higher than VG grade (which I would normally not touch with any kind of pole) but the seller's rating level is 97.8%, 1,275 ratings. Most are G.

    This indicates to me that the person may be deliberately under-grading, perhaps to avoid any comeback on grading.

    I've never come across this before, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has any good or bad experiences with this seller, or have seen this kind of thing before.


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    Very hard to see where he's coming from. Large stock, visually graded, strangely cheap postage (£2 UK, £4 international) unless he's getting heavy volume discounts, and pretty eclectic mix. But his feedback is pretty consistently good.
    Only one way to find out - buy something and let us know how you get on


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      I think that WORB stands for World of Rare Books, who are a big seller on ebay.
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        No experience with this seller in particular, but I have come across this before on discogs, chronic under-grading. If all the stock is like this then it's probably a safe bet unless there are other giveaways (e.g. everything has radio station markings). With one seller in particular, I test-ordered something that was described as 'G' and when I got it it turned out to be VG+, on the cusp of NM, and everything else I subsequently ordered was about the same. It's for people who just don't understand that 'G' does not really mean 'good', or don't have the time to grade records, or can't find their glasses.
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          No but don’t know that I would, strange that everything’s g, all over the place prices.
          Babs love songs g/g for £4.75 anyone?
          You should definitely dive in and report back though.


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            Bought a Meic Stevens lp off them, but maybe via ebay rather than discogs. Had the same grading as their discogs listings and was absolutely fine, as in more than acceptable VG+ for the record. Check and see if the record your after is on ebay, as you might get free postage too.
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              Thanks for all the feedback folks. Order placed.
              I checked Ebay where the price was higher and the shipping wasn't free because I'm in Japan, but it's always good to have the info.
              I'll certainly report back.
              Without the comments, I would have ummed & erred until the LP was gone.
              "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."