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    I'm due to help a fella out shortly selling a few bits on for him and I'm expecting a handful of 45s to go in the 2-500 price range. Its stuff like The Birds, Mike Stuart Span and other beat and psych rarities. I'm desperately wishing for a lottery win and they can then come home with me instead... still, at least I've had the opportunity to spin them at home.

    Given the unpredictability of the worlds postal services at the moment I want to make sure they are fully insured, so checked out prices in case they sell outside the UK. I was surprised at how expensive Royal Mail is for overseas insured for these amounts, even the lady in the post office told me yesterday to look elsewhere!

    Anybody have any tips on services to use? Somebody mentioned FedEx, has anybody used them before?

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    Royal mail up to £250 insurance is not too bad, especially if bought online.
    Above that I agree, and surely that's changed recently?


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      It was looking at upwards of £45 for cover over 250, there has to be somewhere offering a cheaper alternative..... I made the mistake of purchasing online before and finding out nearest place I could drop the parcel off was about 15 miles away!


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        Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)