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  • Yugotron 45s

    A record shop has opened about 2 minutes walk from where I live. Not much there I am afraid - lots of stuff I might expect to see in charity shop.

    However there are a fair number of Yugoslavian 45s.

    Can anyone tell me what I ought to be looking out for?

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    I've occasionally come across hordes of Jugoton 45s. I think the only strategy is to buy it all and prepared to be disappointed by most and thrilled by some. For me, the things I've still got are the occasional big band takes on western pop and then some folk/ethnographic records. There are some Turkish 'traditional' titles which are deep and interesting, and one in particular I have is a real gem. It hasn't been listed on Discogs yet, which indicates that a lot on this label is not yet 'sorted' by the record collecting machine.

    Have fun, hope you find something.

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      I won’t be doing much punting - the cost will escalate too quickly.

      There might be the odd odd folk/ethno thing IIRC. But lots of (I guess) crooners wearing dodgy 70s gear.


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        I guess that's the problem these days that so little is at punt prices. Will they let you have a listen/use a portable?
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          Worth asking him for a handful of likely candidates.