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  • Easter Freebies

    Afternoon all,

    Hope everyone is well, getting in line for your vaccinations and otherwise enjoying the Easter break. Spring is here and I think we're gonna be Ok, you know?

    Anyway, I've had a mini 'Out Pile' that's been scowling at me for a while and I've not quite had chance (or inclination) to get round to sorting it. But a bit of free(ish) time lately has given me chance to sort some freebies out.

    Same rules as ever really:

    Stake your claims within this thread, rather than via PMs.

    Make sure you've looked through the thread / responses to see what has already been claimed (saves disappointment).

    50 post minimum (only those who have genuinely contributed should benefit)

    I'll get in touch with the 'lucky winners' in a few days to sort postage costs (won't be much more than £3 or £4 though)

    I reserve the right to add bonus items to people's packages if I'm feeling generous!

    Think that's about it isn't it?

    See if any of these are of interest.......................

    The Gregory LP has an edge warp, but 'Face In The Clouds' plays spot on. It's Cindy and Roy (disco stuff) up top - crap cropping!

    Aussie LP has a good 'Ode To Bille Joe'.

    I would rate both Kevin Ayers as just about VG. Bit of surface noise and sleeves are tatty.

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Ooh, great timing matey - would be very glad of the Kevin Ayers, Advocates and John Keating, if poss
    Thanks and Happy Easter!


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      Would be very happy to take Maynard Ferguson and Cindy & Roy off your hands. Happy Easter!


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        ... And could I also bag Lynsey de Paul please.


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          Could I have Don Lang, Stuart Atkins and Martyn Ford, please? Ta!


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            Generous as ever Signor Toffo ... may I relieve you of Voodoo Party & I Travel ...
            "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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              Wish I was able to bring my freebies to the UK ... when's that going to happen, I wonder ...
              "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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                Could I grab the Sunrise and West Cornwall albums please?


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                  Good onya Ben.


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                    Got to love the sleeve on Gen Verde.


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                      Great work Ben - freebies safely received and much appreciated - thank you!!


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                        Last night while video-chatting with my Mum, she tells me some records have arrived and that she'll put them in "my room". (I have a room despite not having lived with the old folks for almost 40 years). I say "Can you open the parcel so I know what to say thank you for?" Cue 90 year old woman struggling for about 10 minutes with scissors and sticky tape, during which I imagine a terrible accident with said scissors and a verbal altercation with my sister outside the ER of a local hospital. None of that transpires but finally Mum holds up copies of Voodoo Party and I Travel from the freebies and then the classic moment, holding up Kill City Iggy Pop & James Williamson from a different transaction. I don't know why it tickled me so much. Mother politely refuses my offer of letting her listen to Kill City. She says she can't remember how to operate the music centre any more.

                        So thanks Ben for the LPs, and for a lovely odd moment with me Mum. If I'm ever allowed to go to the UK again, I'll have some good music waiting. (Don't forget to get the postage off me!)


                        "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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                          Arrived safe and sound. Many thanks Ben - and a Brucey bonus too

                          Really liking this Lynsey de Paul track