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  • Don/Moki Cherry book

    The new Blank Forms anthology is 'Organic Music Societies', nearly 500 pages of interviews, photographs, and artwork looking at the work of Don and Moki and also taking in a few associated people like Terry Riley, and Pandit Pran Nath, and a host of other stuff which sounds super-interesting. I like a big, in-depth, book so I'm looking forward to it arriving. The best place I've found to get it, if you have to have it sent, is Pages Of Hackney. It's the same price in most shops (a damn reasonable £16) but they have a flat fee of £1.95 to post out, and if you live near Hackney someone will bring it around to you by bike. It'll sell out quite quickly I imagine- already has at the US source, but they are printing another run.

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