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  • My Name Is Albert Ayler Documentary

    I was always thinking this must have come out on a DVD. I'd look it up from time to time but it never seemed to be available Today I found it has recently been posted on You Tube so hurrah for that. It's in English with Swedish subtitles so this means that whenever anybody Swedish is speaking you don't know what they are saying, unless you speak Swedish. However, there is not much Swedish footage so it hardly matters. Sunny Murray has quite a voice in the most recent of his interviews- very deep, and gravelly. He also tells it like it is," I was taking a shit in my flat when Don called 'round"... I would say it's a joy but it's heart-breaking to see Albert's struggles, and each time things are on the up they are very soon on the way down. It's sent me scurrying back to my 'Holy Ghost' box set, kindly supplied by Mrs Khan. Out of respect I don't play it while she is around. Luckily she is away for a few days.
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    Very nice. Thank you!
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