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Studley car boot sale - closed for good

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  • Studley car boot sale - closed for good

    i went on Sunday to the final Studley car boot sale. looks like the owners have closed it down after years.

    i used to go weekly, i bought so many records there over the past 19 years. shame to see it go.
    i guess all the sellers will move on to other local sales, but Studley was always good for records, not sure why, but i always came back with stuff.

    anyone else used to go there?

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    I've seen a couple of people on Insta lamenting its closure.

    Always sad when a good boot closes. The legendary Wimbledon boot sale has still never been properly replaced four years since it closed.


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      Super Sausage in Milton Keynes AND The MK Bowl, both huge boots, gone...
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        Facebook Marketplace and Shpock has a lot to answer for?


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          anyone know where the sellers from this boot sale now go?
          i fancy going to a boot sale this weekend, but the ones my side of Birmingham are terrible


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            What a great car boot! Was gutted to see it go. 23 long double rows of stalls on a good day and the slight incline to finish you off at the end. Had so many good things from there in the past and always in quantity ie armfulls. I know the 2 guys that shared the record stall with the roof over the top do the Moseley record fair. Poss have a tel no. for the younger one if you know him. I have seen Ozzy about as a customer but not as a seller and did you notice how many diggers / flippers there were called Steve?! :-) Didn,t realize that you went there too but yeah that makes sense with your location.