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  • Hello!

    Hello folks, long time etc etc, hope you're all surviving the general madness that is being alive in 2022.

    Been thinking of you lot plenty over the last year or so - I moved house last March, just at the end of home schooling / lockdown (would not recommend) and with that came my first major record move in about 14 years, which certainly made me fitter than I had been for a while. *strong arm emoji*
    Anyway, fast forward another 10 months and my records, drums & assorted recording gubbins are all in the same room for the first time in about 25 years. Didn't really have time to trim down the collection before moving, so have been doing a bit of that as I've unpacked and re-filled the shelves - plenty of VV classics uncovered that I'd forgotten I had, including multiples of some of them (can never leave an Ultimate Stereo Presentation, a Light My Fire or a Feliciano behind!) which has been fun to revisit.

    Also kept meaning to post links to an assortment of mixes I did in 2020 / 2021, I had a new Dr Rubberfunk record out in mid-Feb 2020, which did OK, but was kind lost in the ensuing C-19 chaos, no chance to gig etc. Thank heavens for a bit of radio play. It's on Bandcamp if you fancy checking it out -
    We did a series of 45's leading up to the LP, with bonus beats and whatnot. Most of those are sold out, but probably copies in shops / on discogs.

    Those who remember the Mr Guder era might be interested in this :
    Royalty free drum breaks and loops created from 1/4" tapes recorded in the early 2000s - realised I'd never done anything with lots of them, so have chopped and edited into loops / DJ tools / sample fodder for those that like the sound of drums hitting tape hard. Fun times
    No physical release on that for the time being, but if I can get Vol.2 together shortly I might try and do a limited something with bits from both later in the year.

    Anyway, loving your work, stay well gang.

    R'Funk x
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    nice to hear of the update. i moved a few years back and feel your pain. though like you say, it does make you discover what you have.
    im going to check out them drums, i love that kind of stuff


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      Welcome back, Doctor!


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        back at you all, just moved too. Bad back from moving all the records.

        Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!


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          I haven't moved and I hope I won't have to. It'd be bad enough moving my records but re-shelving them in some sort of order would probably be even worse. It's taken years to get them into their current, totally hopeless, order.
          "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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            I had a bad back when I moved so friends carried most of the heavy record boxes. I thoroughly recommend having a bad back when you move.
            "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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              Thanks folks, glad (not that sort of glad) to hear of your record related back woes, feel firmly among friends
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