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  • Euro weirdness

    found this on dabay

    bit rich for my pickings but looks intresting, anyone got any info/heard it ?
    working together for better bass and treble

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    I'm pretty sure the track has been comped on one of the (possibly Crippled Dick Hot wax) euro-sleaze albums at some point: heard it (or something like it), pretty certain, but I'll try & dig further & get back on that one...

    yep...not CDHW, but Musiques Hybrides comp called Wizzz!; full tracklist, including 'sexologie' can be played on the Tigersushi site at

    another good site for soundclips of similar stuff is at;f=%2FFrench

    which has 57 files of mostly top class groovy French stuff (plus other selections of soul/psych/northern/etc elsewhere on the site). Good luck...

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      cheers wayne, i like that, not 100% sure about the droney singing, but the backing rocks along, guess its the comp for me then
      working together for better bass and treble


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        This track is easy to find on his lp atmosphere and on 2 other lp's (+best of). There mostly cheap.
        It's just the 45 that goes for &#36.

        Forget all his other's shite.