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  • Garuda

    Picked up an LP called, and possibly by, "Garuda" on EMI. It has such brit luminaries as Zack Laurence, Barry Morgan, Frank Ricotti & Tony Coe - supposedly a concept LP about Indonesia but sounds like a very nice & tasty bit of brit easy funk.

    Can't find any info on it on the world wide interweb - anyone know who Toni Campo is & is this rare?

    Info much appreciated.
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    Toni (also Tony) Campo is a session bassist who played on sessions for Ray Davies, Harry Stoneham, Wout Steenhuis and others. He also did an LP for the JW music library. That's all I know about him, unfortunately.


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      Toni Campo also did an excellent library LP for Sonoton called 'Slowly' under his full name of Antonio Campo, which includes a great track of funky, phased drums all on their own.

      He played bass guitar on Clem Alford's excellent 1974 'The Electronic Sitar Of...' LP (released in EMI's 'Lansdowne' series) and recorded library tracks for Amphonic and Bosworth. He also did some arranging in the mid-70s for a singer whose name I forget.
      Barry Morgan's brother is a driving instructor