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  • Sesame street beat

    Anybody got ANY idea where I can get hold of the track with the kid[s] counting up to 10 [?] on the Sesame St. show with the break behind it?

    A friend has been seriously going nuts looking for this and told me it featured on a very old breaks tape his mate [who was an old Technics champ apparently] did. I clearly remember the part of the show with this counting sequence and I have vague memories of it being accompanied by music, but cannot recall a break to it.

    I ask not only cos I have no idea, but having some knowledge of the whole Sesame St thing, understand there were a fair few bloody LP's recorded, right?

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    Well it could be "Number Count". Never released until...a few days ago by Ninjatune
    as the b side to "C is for Cookie" (a larry Levan edit) 12".
    It was taken from videos and edited down by Strictly Kev (aka Dj Food). CTW had lost the masters
    he's done a great job & it sounds good considering...The Pointer Sisters are on fire! & all the solo's are included.
    Kev is currently putting together a crazy Sesame St. meets beat diggers lp. I've heard some of the shizzle he's dug from CTW's archive & it's stoopid nice! Looking forward to having that on vinyl.
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      I scanned through a fair few Sesame St LPs years ago trying to locate that v. elusive beat.. and I did find a couple of other gems. An ex gf of mine grew up in Australia and had some Oz release S. St LPs, one of which featured a Cookie Monster track which was imaginitively titled 'Cookies', essentially 'Theme from Shaft' with 'cookies' replacing 'shaft' in the vocals!!
      Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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        Look out for the 'Susan Sings' LPs - the UK/US issue on Wand contains a couple of cracking Eddie Kendricks penned tunes which also turn up on the Australian issues (which span two volumes and you need both to get all the decent tracks).

        They're not just great tracks for a Sesame Street project, but just great tracks.
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          Thanks guys so far for this, I'll check into the Food release first but then it is up to my mate I guess. Any further help will go to a good, if twisted cause!
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