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    I know it's best part of a month away, but you've seen how long it's taking for the Brillo comp to come together, so I thought I'd better start the ball rolling with this.

    Anyone who wants to take part in the Best of Brillo night on Saturday Nov 15, could you email me direct - use the icon above this post.

    Lemme know if you're outside London and if you turn into a pumpkin at any given time, so I can schedule you in earlier. Like wise for anyone who'd rather play early than late, or wants to play a more groove laden set than a faster, funky set. You could even try for both - an early laid back and then a later, stormer set... it all depends on how many folk want in...

    I'll attempt to put together a schedule, but you know how these things turn out, at least it will give us a rough idea. Just remember that we're unleashing ourselves on an unsuspecting, general public, so keep it entertaining for civilains on a Saturday night please! If someone's visibly upsetting the crowd, blood flowing from eyes and ears etc, then I may have to ask them to change the tune, but I don't think it should come to that, especially if we all bring our friends - then we'll be able to throw around as many dwarfs as we want...

    PS. We're still waiting for those who need to send in their Brillo tracks to get re-recorded, to er, send them in. Send em to Sermad.