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    Keepin' Time. I videoed a DJ Shadow special from MTV 2 a couple of nights ago which I just sat down to watch. That finished then a video for The Message came up so I left the tape running then the drums came on with the title Keepin' Time.

    This is a short film bringing together the original guys behind most of todays hip hop beats and the DJ's that now use them. Basically they put together in the same room Paul Humphrey (responsible for the Root Down session by Jimmy Smith,) Earl Palmer (one of Axelrod's drummers) and James Gadson (rsponsible for Dyke and the Blazers, Charles Wright etc)wit the Beat Junkies (Babu,Cut Chemist etc)

    They then got he Dj's to cut up live in front of them some of the drummers beats and they then had a call and response session between the drums and the turntable.

    This is one of he coolest things I have ever seen. Has anyone else seen this???

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    I've seen a clip from this on some DJ competion CD rom I got given - Cut Chemist and Paul Humphrey (I think) - often wondered where it was taken from!! I'd love too see the whole thing.
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      I think there's a small article about this in a recent copy of Wax Poetics - I definitely remember seeing a group photograph.. it sounds dope.
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        It's a project B+ put together. There's a really good interview all about it here. Official website here.


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          Did you come up with 'Morris Dancing' for the Mixmaster Morris one? Coz that one made me chuckle.


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            Deleted my post, don't want to say naughty things...

            No, Morris Dancing was not my idea of a feature title! All the headlines and callouts got re-written recently as the result of a lenghty dispute between certain parties. What you see up there now is an attempt to make things a little more 'exciting and enticing'.

            You can that judge for yourself...


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              DJ Shadow had this film as a "support act" when I saw him last year. Its good.
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                Chris at the Salmon has a video projector now, so why don't you bring your tape of Keepintime to Brillo this Monday and maybe we'll be able to watch it. I'll ask him about it tonight...

                If he has a DVD player hooked up to it, I'll bring down my Gainsbourg DVD, which has a sequence of him recording Initials B.B in London with all the library session bigwigs playing, and the video to Melody Nelson...