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  • Basie's beatles bag

    Its on mfp, its all Beatles tunes (or ones they covered), it by an old jazzer.

    And yet I see no mention of it on the vv site - so any one know much about this? I picked it up ages back but its been stuck at the back of the to be palyed pile for some reason.
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    off the top of my head, not having the LP to hand, i seem to recall that this was a load of jizz. not much to shout about. just a personal opinion though many LPs, so little time!


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      basie did do some tasty funky stuff towards the end of his career, on Pablo. there's one nice LP with a good bass and drums lick (if breaks float your boat) that turns into a reasonably tasty big band funk tune.
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        it's not great, and the MFP is a reissue, the original has a nicer cover.

        Basie's 'Afrique' LP is very nice - arranged by Oliver Nelson.