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A Couple of KPM Questions

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  • A Couple of KPM Questions

    This will be a quick one for somebody :

    What number KPM is Contempoprary Themes and is it a decent listen? I'm guessing it is probably part of the 1200 series.

    And secondly - I recently recieved a copy of Drama 1168 on KPM and on the back it says "Generic to KPM 1157" which is The Hunter (Drama Suite). I know this means that they are not the same tracks but rather similair in sound - but my question is does this appear often on other KPM's of note in the series?

    Thanks guys ...

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    Sermad'll fix it for you!

    Now then, now then....
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      No I cant fix this one now. But I can if I was at home but Im in smokey london at the moment so I cant

      Contempoprary Themes does ring a bell but I dont have more then 10 1200 series kpms so Im not sure. <- Changed URL


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        KPM 1205:

        It's not a bad album; I can place it on a CD-R for you if you'd like, some funky moments, brassy, drums, etc.

        ‘Contemporary Themes’ – KPM 1205 – (1977)
        Arresting contemporary themes for wide-ranging application.
        The Big Event – Ray Davies
        Spectator Sport – John Fiddy
        Power Play - Ray Davies
        L.A. Express - Ray Davies
        The Risk Business - Ray Davies
        Action Assignment - Ray Davies
        Pulsator - Ray Davies

        Side Two
        Interstate Five - Ray Davies
        Action Report – John Fiddy
        Expansion Programme - Ray Davies
        Wheels in Motion - Ray Davies
        Making It - Ray Davies
        Man and Machine - Ray Davies
        Breezy Bounce - Ray Davies

        Gonzalo Duque "Gonzo"
        [email protected] My hoodliners for cars that I make!
        Westland, Michigan USA
        1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC


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          Hello Gonzo - thank you for your follow up. I had an opportunity to buy it a month or two ago for &#3625 but hesitated mainly because it was into the 1200's and from what I understand those are usually pretty average.

          Thank you also for your offer of cd-r but that won't be necessary - my only cd player is in my car stereo which is currently on the fritz - it's had a cd stuck in it for about a month now and the radio is stuck to am only. Rush Limbaugh while I'm driving home from work - no thanks!!!


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            Off the point, but this link has interviews on KPM Bruton &amp; Boosey &amp; Hawkes (in English) &amp; Montparnasse (in French). Some interesting stuff that might interest someone round here...

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              Hi Sue!
              Sorry to hear about your stuck CD! But sometimes I do listen to Rush Limbaugh out of the Detroit ABC AM station. I listen more to Howard Stern since I work early mornings. Note to our UK and European readers: Howard Stern is THE original radio &quot;shock-jock&quot; and his radio show is HILARIOUS! Rent his movie &quot;Private Parts&quot;!
              &#3625 is toooooo much to pay for that LP! If you'd like it in the future I can CD-R it for you once your CD player is fixed. The offer will stand for as long as you want it! My favorite tracks on the LP are:
              The Big Event, Power Play, L.A. Express, Expansion Programme. Come to think of it, those are the best ones on the whole album.

              I have lots of KPM and Bruton vinyl and CDs as well as other libraries that I can record if you'd like as well. Check back at some of my other posts! I'm in Michigan by the way!

              Gonzalo Duque "Gonzo"
              [email protected]
     My hoodliners for cars that I make!
              Westland, Michigan USA
              1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC