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  • Launch party shenanigans

    Erm, I finally got round to finishing a whole of stuff, and  to celebrate and marvel in amazement that it's actually in shops now on CD and double vinyl we're having a little album launch type party tomorrow night in the West End. So if your Brillo hangovers have receeded by knocking off time, pop in for a swift half and a head nod or two - be nice to see y'all ...

    Tuesday 21st October
    'The First Cut' album launch party with DJ's Dr.Rubberfunk & Shredded Pete - Bar Red, 5 Kingly Street, London , W1 7pm-midnight - FREE!!

    Little e-flyer thang HERE
    - I promise the 'Disco Scene' loop will drive you mad within seconds ...  

    Then on Wednesday I'm taking the fun(k) to Sheffield! (Not that they don't already have the funk - I'll just be bringing my own peculiar rubbery brand ..)

    Wednesday 22nd October
    7Hills Records present ‘Hot Fat’ @ The Halcyon Bar, Devonshire St, Sheffield - with DJ's Dr.Rubberfunk & the mighty 7Hills Honcho Himself - Vibra

    Hopefully see some of you lot at some point this week maybe ...

    R'Funk xx  
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