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  • Harmonic german library music

    Anybody know anything about the library composer C. op den Zieken? I was playing through some German 'Harmonic' libraries recently and they contain a lot of great funky stuff. One of the best things I heard was by this guy - an amazing funk tune called 'Onyx'.

    Has anyone got the lowdown on this guy? A lot of reasonably well known German composers like Heinz Kiessling, Werner Tautz and Erwin Lehn turn up on these albums, but this guy sounds Dutch! Any help much appreciated as always.
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    can you send me your addy please? got a CDR for you... ta!
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      Hi Ed,

      Very sorry about my slow reply - many, many thanks for my CD-R - check your PM for details!

      Sorry again!
      Barry Morgan's brother is a driving instructor


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        Hey 70's. What harmonic is it on? Is it a white harmonic/brull 10" or just the gold ones? <- Changed URL


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          it&#39;s called &quot;Modern Dramatic&quot;

          cornelius op den zieken I don&#39;t know if it&#39;s his real name..


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            It&#39;s in the orange series Harmonic&#39;s - one of my favourite funk tunes in this series is P. Jacques&#39; &#39;Fata Morgana&#39;. Hammond, wahwah, drums - lovely&#33;
            Barry Morgan&#39;s brother is a driving instructor


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              Cornelius Op Den Zieken is indeed Dutch - I&#39;ve got an LP by him on the German library label Europhon. I&#39;ll have a look when I get home and see if it&#39;s got any more info.


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                Cheers Lord Thames - font of all knowledge as ever&#33;
                Barry Morgan&#39;s brother is a driving instructor


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                  I thought for a second there I had that
                  same 10 inch, but mine is Modern Light Dramatic
                  CBD 626, dated 1970.

                  What the catalog # on that 1 ?

                  Composers I&#39;ve never heard of either;

                  K. Peche
                  H. Neubrand
                  Windholz and Benedini
                  L. Daumier
                  T. Vento

                  All the tiles look great. Just got it and haven&#39;t put it on yet
                  I&#39;ll do that now