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  • Prince pato expedition

    The pound boxes at the local weekend rekid fair caughed up The Prince Pato Expedition 'Firebird 1' LP on Beacon...ooooh, its very, very nice indeed! think a smoother, less frenetic Mandingo and you're not far off-think one of the tracks has been comped somewhere...

    anyway, the credits go to one, ahem, Jesse G. Princapato....yeah, right...who is it really then?

    any ideas?

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    You Jammy B*stard Chris - been after that for an age now !!!!

    Very tasty LP


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      Yeah, I was going to include that in the Brillo comp until I read the back cover.

      It was released on Beacon in the UK, but recorded by a bunch of dudes from NY.......or so it says???


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        yes, i think we can take those sleeve notes with a very large pinch of salt! it has to be some UK arranger really, doesnt it?


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          This tune was comped on 'Planet Of The Breaks' vol.3, along with a tune by Alan Tew called 'Soul Deeper' - I'm sure this is off a Themes library - anyone?
          Barry Morgan's brother is a driving instructor


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            Ive always wondered where soul deeper was from. Maybe Ive got it and don't know - Still missing two big themes though (The mad percussion one comes ot mind).

            'Planet Of The Breaks' (ES 123)
            Side One

            Guadalupe - Roy Haynes Hip Ensemble
            Cajun Moon - Keiron White
            Candy I'm So Daggone Mixed Up - The Chosen Few
            Soul Thing - Tony Newman
            Sneakin Up On You - Elaine Delmar

            Side Two

            Dancing In The Jungle - The Prince Pato Expedition
            Soul Deeper - Alan Tew (gotta be a lib...maybe one on Themes)
            Stakeout - The Pules Of Events (sp?)
            Champ - The Mohawks
            South Street Stroll - Freddie Hubbard
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              No, J.G. Principato is a real person and he is from NY, he still lives there I think (he&#39;s a drum teacher, and for a long time had his own drumming school). Anyone who doubts this is advised to check the writing and production credits on any 45s on the &#39;Firebird&#39; label out of NY, eg. Kim Tamango&#39;s &#39;Not by Bread alone&#39;....


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                maybe you should have started a new thread...

                whats intereseting is a) why Beacon had it
                b) why someone chose to fucking ruin the thing with those stupid jungle noises. Listen to it - they are added later. I don&#39;t think they were ever intended to go on those tunes.

                All of which leads me to believe that its an album, unreleased in the states - maybe unfinished? - that for some reason they bought off JGP, or otherwise acquired, and not knowing what to do with it, tried to turn it into a novelty record by overdubbing all those stupid noises. Which means that maybe, somewhere, maybe there&#39;s a tape without the noises. And that would be a good record. as opposed to one which is a bit shit, all told, because its been ruined by some twat with a BBC sound effects record.


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                  I had this and thought it was pretty bad - sold it straight away. Not only jungle noises but really quite horrible sax solos over everything. Saxuality. yuk&#33;


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (mik @ Nov. 03 2004,17:47)]I had this and thought it was pretty bad - sold it straight away. Not only jungle noises but really quite horrible sax solos over everything. Saxuality. yuk&#33;
                    No saxuality solos on my copy, mik.

                    It&#39;s a top record, save for the jungle noises - much are bearable depending on how drunk your crowd is.


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                      oh my mistake then, I remembered it having sax solo&#39;s over everything. Something put me off it, maybe it was the jungle noises.