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    Has anyone heard of this? It's not being very well publicised among people that might actually go to it (in other words lots of of stuff in Sunday Times culture section and nothing anywhere else).

    I mention this because, a) I worked on some aspects of it and b) there's a 90 minute film based on the interviews from the book which hasn't come out anywhere else. It's worth going to see just for this (and, of course, the fantastic 2 hour audio mix that me and a friend did for the show).

    It's on at The Hospital in Endell St, WC2

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    This is the dave stewart thing yes? <- Changed URL


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      The Hospital is the Dave Stewart thing, the exhibition isn&#39;t, really. The exhibition&#39;s attached to the Experience Music Project in Seattle. And Charlie Ahearn&#39;s book.


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        How long is it on for again, Bill? Also, do you know what time the gallery closes? The Guardian Guide says 10am to Jan 23 - typical&#33;


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          I think it closes at 6pm, but I&#39;m not sure. I&#39;ll try and find out.


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            6&#33; argh. It&#39;ll have to be on saturday then. Sounds good Bill. I think I read about it in the guardian guide (?).

            How often are the film showings?
   <- Changed URL


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              Cheers for the heads up Bill, has to be worth a gander.

              You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                I&#39;ll get the curator, Mark, to sign on to the site and answer all of your questions. He knows a lot more about it than me.


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                  i went and had a look at this on be honest i was a bit disappointed that there wasn&#39;t much there that i hadn&#39;t already seen in the book,although the film was cool (if a little slow in places)...that said,it&#39;s definately worth a look if you can make it...


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                    Ooooh controversial. I havent seen the book (or know anything about it) so I&#39;ll go with an open mind when I can&#33;

                    Should have dropped me a text oh beared one&#33;
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                      Yeah, I haven&#39;t seen the book yet either, been holding out for a hardback copy that I can&#39;t find... Wish it stayed open later than 6pm...


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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (sermad @ Nov. 04 2003,13:59)]Ooooh controversial. I havent seen the book (or know anything about it) so I&#39;ll go with an open mind when I can&#33;

                        Should have dropped me a text oh beared one&#33;
                        yeah,sorry mate..would have done but it was one of those hectic weekends rushing round&#33; oh yeah,will get your record sent to you tomorrow...

                        don&#39;t get me wrong the exhibition is really worth seeing if you&#39;ve not got the book (and still pretty interesting if you have...)


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                          Is it just me or are the ads for this a bit unclear about what type of event it actually is?
                          Endless Tripe


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                            So, is this on until Jan 23rd? Is it there over Christmas?
                            I&#39;ll be heading to Good (?) Old Blighty for the Festive Season.


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                              Any help?

                              I&#39;m off there Saturday afternoon, should be good cos I missed the Style Wars exhibition with the big, bombed up train in it.


                              Opening Times

                              Monday to Saturday 10am-10pm*
                              Sunday 12-8pm

                              *Subject to special events between 6-10pm on certain days; please telephone 020 7170 9159 to confirm evening opening hours.

                              Admission Prices

                              £5 Adults
                              £3 Children 12-16/concessions
                              (students, OAPs, job seekers, registered disabled)
                              Free Children under 12
                              (accompanied by an adult)

                              Tickets can be purchased in advance from all Ticketmaster retail locations, by calling 0870 386 7372 or visiting the website DIRECT LINK

                              Tickets can also be purchased in person at The Hospital, 24 Endell Street.
                              I was raised by wolves