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Bank holiday bonanza!

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  • Bank holiday bonanza!

    so I hit up four yes FOUR booters this morning. No rare mad stuff just solid 50p pickings.

    Alan Moorehouse - hits on parade in a new swinging military style (havent listened to it - I bet its sh*t!)

    Jesus Christ Superstar (windmill) - again I havent listened to it so I cant say if its covers or what!

    harry stoneham - Hammond hits the highway (why I dont know. Im a sucker for these.)

    harry stoneham - Hammond hits the continent (well you gotta!!)

    harry stoneham - Solid gold hammond (completes the collection! haha!)

    The Fantastic Peddlers (Fontana) - Yeah! now we are talking. Not a suite london by any stretch but still worth having.

    Jack parnell - brazilia (HEAT!! well not really. Bought to trade)

    Golden hits (CBS). This is well odd! Its in a release produced for the scout association - dib dib dib and all that. has peddlers - who can I turn - marmalade - obladioblada. It was free so I cant complain! I gave a wink to the old gal on the stall as I had no money left. A 30 second flirt and a free record! COME ON :biggrin:

    and the killer find of the day....

    Dance conspiracy - Dub war. (XL)

    This has gotta be 30-40 today. Rinsing dark hardcore madness. I think its a double so its for trade.

    Not a bad morning - roll on next week! <- Changed URL

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    if the alan moorhouse is the one i think it is, then there's definitely no 'Funky Fever'...


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      #### - transport fell through this morning so no booters for me.
      still, hit the charities of the Wesh borders on Saturday:

      Led Zeppelin 3
      Led Zeppelin 4
      Blue Oyster Cult
      Black Sabbath - live at last
      Jethro Tull - Aqualung
      London Howlin' Wolf Sessions
      Tommy James and the Shondells - Cellophane Symphony
      Focus - Moving Waves
      Bob Dylan greatest hits
      Victor Lundberg - An Open Letter (replacement for my battered copy - has to be heard to be believed US right-wing Vietnam-era spoken word with patriotic backing LP)
      Ivan Chin - Man! It's Calypso (another 'great' Saga cheapie)
      James Last - Non Stop Dancing 12 (with his version of Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song')
      Muddy Waters - King Bee
      Various - Pye Quadrophonic Sampler (trade)
      Various - Up to Date (German covers lp on Sonic/Miller International Production)
      Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (in Wales!!!!)
      Jay Berliner - Bananas are not created equal (Mainstream) Not sure what this great instrumental guitar funk lp was doing with the rest of the stuff either! (trade)
      Duncan Lamont - best of the bossa novas (trade)
      Ray McVay - come dancing to the pops (trade)
      Various - Stereo 69 (Paraffin Jack Flash etc..) (trade)
      Music of Mystery Mayhem and Murder (MFP- trade)
      Michael Jackson - Off the wall (well someone will want it!)
      Various - Blues for your pocket (fantastic vintage blues sampler on Transatlantic)
      Kings Singers - Captain Noah and the Floating Zoo (BREAK! -trade)
      Rob Base - It Takes Two 12&quot;
      to continue the 'old hardcore' theme: T-99 - Anasthasia (XL)
      Chakachas - Jungle Fever 7&quot; (trade)

      three 12&quot; singles I picked up for sales/trades:
      Sisters of Mercy 'Alice'
      Metallica 'One'
      Metallica 'Garage Days Re-revisited'

      A rock'n'roll 78 for the bloke in one of my local charities who collects them (always pays to keep them sweet...)

      and a really nice wooden lp carrying case that just fits that lot.
      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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        i found a mysterious unmarked sealed brown envelope in a sleeve on saturday, and put it inside a record i was buying, but then ended up putting that one back... so the mysterious envelope remains... (Help the Aged, Chelmsford High St... some e-z Polydor sampler)...knowing my luck was probably 500 quid or something!

        also was wondering about the Captain Noah one - had a cursory listen and besides bringing back bad memories of the school choir didn't hear anything that good on it besides 'Angel of Death'

        [Hansi's 'Immigrant Song' - this i must hear!]


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]Quote: from bongolia on 1:42 pm on April 21, 2003

          also was wondering about the Captain Noah one - had a cursory listen and besides bringing back bad memories of the school choir didn't hear anything that good on it besides 'Angel of Death'
          <span =''>
          terrible lp apart from a banging uptempo 'b-boy break' at the start of 'Moses' Magic Box'
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            The Windmill 'Jesus Christ Superstar' is the Alan Caddy version that was on Avenue, and loads of other labels too.
            It's probably my favourite version, actually, but I've not heard the Ingman or Percy Faith yet.


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              wouldn't mind the kings singers and jungle fever
              I want to go to the land of ooog!


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                cheers lord thames!

                Actually I'll run you off a copy of the ingman one as I did that contrasts on impress/programme for you.
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                  send me a trades list then sir!!! I emailed you earlier about something else ....
                  We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                    Ta very much Sermad!


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                      With one hour to kill between trains in the sleepy little town of Lewes (see, I'm not precious about keeping my finds secret), I parked the Missus in a pub and dived into the charidee next door, not hoping for much. Emerged ten minutes later weighed down with a bag full of VG prog and rock classics (mainly for resale, but nice nonetheless: lots of gatefolds, booklets etc) a couple of sound effects and a Hare Krisna LP from about 72. Decided to risk sticking my nose into the shop next door, which looked like a CD emporium, and was rewarded with a bag full of gap-fillers like James Taylor, Leonard Cohen, Free, Mama Cass, Scott Walker, etc all at silly prices. (Very nice staff too.) Weekend was brought to a top conclusion when the friends I was visiting asked if I'd like to 'take off their hands' all the records they had laying around, a fair few of which were from when the girl lived in Brasil. I ask you.
                      Wound up with 37 quality pieces having spent £35.
                      AND a Miss Piggy 45 for my lovely girlfriend, as a reward for waiting in the pub!


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                        I drove through lewes on monday to get to all the booters (I was coming from brighton its about 20 mins drive from my folks house). They were all in the A22 belt (3 booters within 2 miles!!)

                        I bet you could find some mental stuff if you took a week off work and hit up the east sussex little villages - ripe, alfriston, polegate, lower dicker etc etc... tempting!
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                          The sum total of my weekend's charities and booting...

                          SGA (with Jungle Fever)
                          Jack Parnell - Braziliana LP
                          Isotope LP (with Retracing My steps)
                          Eric B And Rakim - I Know You Got Soul 45
                          (all spares)

                          Gary Numan - Cars 45
                          Some duff Alan Caddy LP and two more I can't even remember...

                          So no better than normal for my neck of the woods. The bootsale was ridiculous - you couldn't flick through anything without someone prying over your shoulder. Grrr...

                          Question - should I have picked up that Alan Stivell LP I left???

                          (Another question - am I the only one who needs to buy at least two records in my first purchase since carrying a single record around for the rest of the day is more trouble than it's worth?).
                          You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                            I too like a bit of ballast in the bag whilst going arounf the booter - saves it flapping about!

                            I found these:


                            Jr Walker &amp; the All Stars - Rainbow Funk (beat up copy but the two good tracks play OK)
                            John Schroeder - War &amp; Peace (some good tunes on side two - film '72 theme etc)
                            Don Reeve - Mighty Hammond (minted up my previous copy)
                            Cleo Laine - I am a Song (groovy “Hi Heeled Sneakers“)
                            Nick Nicholas - TV Piano Time (funky version of Film '72 theme)
                            Roger Coulam - Hammond Stereo Sound to Spoil You (first copy I've had for a while)
                            Sounds Nice - Love at First Sight LP (already promised to Sermad )

                            Not Doubles:

                            Various Artists - The Sound Gallery (on vinyl at last!)
                            Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy (one good funky rock track)
                            Classics IV - Soul Train (blue eyed soul - some tasty sitar too!)
                            James Last - Non Stop Dancing '78 (“Ffun“)
                            James Last - Copacabana (“Chili Con Carne“ is brazialia-tastic)
                            Fable - S/T (another one tracker in the funky rock vein)
                            Moe Koffman - Rock Bach to Me (Bach done in the rock stylee - quite tasty)
                            Magic Disco Macine - Disc-O-Tech (the lp with “Scratchin'“! Very good throughout)
                            Isaac Hayes - Best of Shaft (the single LP version)
                            Manfred Mann - Soul of Mann (hammond instro but really beat up copy)
                            Joe Thomas Group - Comin' Home (Groovy rather than funky flute 'n' organ jazz)
                            Various Artists - Summit Meeting (nice break on a Dr John track and a stonking version of “Cissy Strut“ by Todd Rundgren(!!))
                            Ekseption - Best of (funky tinged Dutch proggers)
                            Ekseption - 3 (see above)
                            Wild Angels OST (sort of psyche / garage 60s gear)
                            Eric Burdon &amp; the Animals - Winds of Change (couple of really nice beats on here and bonus sitar!)
                            Lincoln Mayorga - The Missing Linc
                            Various Artists - Serious 1 (“It Began in Africa“)
                            MPB4 - Bons Tempos Hein? (more Brazilian gear - ace version of “Tropicalia“)
                            Augusto Alguero - Eloise (very easy but good versh of “Hey Jude“)
                            Disco Spectacular - Music Inspired by the Film “Hair“ (the disco version - actually pretty good and some nice open super disco breaks!)
                            Rockin' Berries - Black Gold (Flippin' dreadful!)
                            Various Artists - Hymns of Gold (Lynn Anderson - “Put Your Hand in the Hand“ - Break!)
                            Chicago - Best of (“25 or 6 to 4“ and “Beginings“ in a decent pressing)

                            Not too bad I suppose.
                            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                              And in Nottingham, a grand total of four booters and not a single record worth picking up! Best one was in Beeston, in a pub car park, where only one stall was being packed up half an hour after the start time by a bloke with clown hair in what felt like a freezing hurricane. Closest was a copy of Chris Waxman's 'Organized' that turned out to be knackered when removed forom its sleeve, &amp; another knackered LP, an OSt of a film called The Oscar by Percy Faith (one out near Gotham, one at Colwick Racecourse - neither purchased). Maybe next weekend, then...
                              a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace