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Anyone know these library lp's

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  • pokester
    I personnaly like percussion 2 better (imho).

    devil anvil,ecentric,synco and stuff.... but it's more a producers record than the first one ...(breaks and samples)..and comes in a brown (im) cover

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  • sermad
    post combustion is nice. tilsley 9 is a one tracker. cecil wary are rubbish - both of them. Progressive percussions 1 is better then 2.

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    Guest started a topic Anyone know these library lp's

    Anyone know these library lp's

    Is anyone familiar with these library LP's;

    Post-Combustion on Sylvester
    Tilsley Orchestral No. 9

    I've probably bid on them on the 'Bay.

    If so, what are they like and are they solid or
    just 1 or 2 trackers ?

    Ask me anything and I'll tell you everything I
    know if I know, I'll tell'ya

    Just got Cecil Wary The Full Bull "Newsreel"
    and if you're into jazz guitar, then this is
    your cookie.

    Also has some harmonica jazz and violin jazz too
    Killer bass n' drums cookin along at quite a clip

    WHICH Progressive Percussion is better than which Progressive Percussion Eddie Warner IM LP in your humble opinion ?

    This Cecil Wary Side 1 has great full bodied organ too.

    On to Side 2. Starts with a Latin funky Go Go thing.
    Big fat organ boogaloo head noddin' central all the way.
    I bet the whole side is like this. More later.

    Benicio Del Toffo is EUROPE'S BEST EBAY SELLER !
    He's reeeeeeeally good. Buy from him and do it often.