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  • Weekend finds...

    Last couple of weeks had been a bit dry - only a battered spare 45 of Friend & Lovers 'Reach Out Of The Darkness' (which is spare if anybody wants it) worth mentioning.

    Anyway, got roped into attending a fireworks evening last night at the school where my mum is head (even though fireworks & kids are pretty close to the top of my list of least favourite things), so I stayed at my sisters house for the night.

    Got up nice and early this morning to do all the local charity shops, and it was shockingly bad. Minimum prices were at the £2 mark, and what stock was there was in really bad nick.

    Anyway, dispondant I trudged back to my sisters house in order to cheer myself up with a coffee and a slice of cake, when I passed a shop selling 2nd hand TVs & videos. Through the window I could just see a handful of records on the floor, so I wandered in. What I hadn't seen from outside, was the 1500 *other* records all over the floor.

    Picked up about 15 things, mostly nothing of earth shattering importance - a few nice 80's 12s to mint up on, another Mike McNaught kids LP (this time Sooty travelling the world), couple of Motown comps - but the real find was an EX copy of Elaine Delmar's 'Sneaking Up On You' CBS LP. I had the title lodged at the back of my brain for some reason that I couldn't recall, so whoever mentioned it to me either in person or via this board, thanks. The title track is a *cracker*. Can I smugly ask what this title usually goes for ?
    Matt Hero

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    Record Kingz has a copy for £100 so less than that. Nice find though. That's what happens when you do nice things for family members.

    All I found today was that my right ear is blocked with wax so I can't hear properly. Goddam allergies! Anyone know any good ear deblocking techniques? A friends band is playing tomorrow night to launch their CD and I want to be able to hear them properly.


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      Blighty, I too suffer from regular 'blocked ears'. According to my doctor, listening to lots of music via headphones situmlates wax production.

      The best way of gradually sorting it out, and this sounds stupid but bear with me, it to lie down and pour a *small* amount of olive oil in you ear. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then clear up the enivitable spills. It won't clear it *right* wasy, but soffens the wax sufficently for it to work it's way out naturally. Within a day or so, you'll notice the difference. Do it once a month and the problem pretty much goes away.

      Whatever you do, don't try and dig it out. You can cause really serious damage to your ear drum by forcing cotton buds/biros/fingers down there.

      Hope that helps... it is a really annoying problem to have.
      Matt Hero


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        Good call on the olive oil tip! I've been doing that for a few years now and it sorts my water in the ear problem.

        I went back home this weekend so I had a nice time in my old haunts. Walked into one place which always is a vinyl vulture haven (I was schooled here&#33 and they had a new box of libraries in. Scored some fillers for the archive - peers, amphonics and so on but the killer was another copy of David Snells 'On the side of angels'.

        Oooof. Talk about proto hip hop

        Couple of booters tomorrow so it might be a good weekend.

        Plus me mums roast. Lovely. <- Changed URL


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          Cheers Matt, I&#39;ll give that a go. I get blocked ears now and again due to my allergies but normally they clear themselves pretty quickly. This time it&#39;s lasted all day though. It&#39;s quite disorientating. Anyhoo I shall see what the &#39;extra virgin&#39; can do.


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            I as driving to my girlfriends apartment yesterday when she called me and said she was running late, so I Stopped into a record shop on the way. Talk about good timing, the owner told me he just bought a collection the night before filled with lots of soul music. After 5 boxes, this is what I walked out with.

            Harlem River Drive &quot;S/T&quot; (Roulette)
            Oscar Brown Jr. &quot;Movin On&quot; (Atlantic)
            Joe Handerson feat. Alice Coltrane &quot;Elements&quot; (Milestone)
            Donald Byrd &quot;Electric Byrd&quot;
            Neil Norman &quot;Greatest Science Fiction Themes&quot; (GNP)

            Bob Bateman Association &quot;Dizzy/Blue Dashiki&quot; (ABC) - the best version of Dizzy I have ever heard, and the B-side is a funky instrumental flute track.

            grand total for all :&#036;12


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              Hello Sermad, nice result with the David Snell LP. I wondered
              what album &#39;Crab apple jam&#39; was from. Whats the rest of it like?.

              Any good?.
              derelicts of dialect


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                Nice snag on the harlem river drive, guzz&#39;&#33;

                Last week I find a barretto &quot;ACID&quot; sleeve (no wax). This week: &quot;latin con soul&quot; AND &quot;together&quot; (both are by barretto) crunked with no sleeve&#33; Somebody up there&#39;s having a laugh at my expense...


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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] (handcorkscrew @ Nov. 08 2003,21:19)]Last week I find a barretto &quot;ACID&quot; sleeve (no wax).  This week: &quot;latin con soul&quot; AND &quot;together&quot; (both are by barretto) crunked with no sleeve&#33;  Somebody up there&#39;s having a laugh at my expense...
                  Andrew, I know how it is to be mocked by the digging gods. Aside from the Harlem River Drive there was a shitload of heat leftover. The only problem is most we scratched beyond hope. So many holes in my collection could of been filled up, and I was plenty tempted to buy these things just so I could have them, but in the end its prety pointless to have an unplayable record. It almost hurt to see Kool &amp; the Gang &quot;S/T&quot;, Funk Inc &quot;S/T&quot; and a bunch of others ripped to shreds.

                  Sermad, maybe I read it wrong, but you just say you had doubles of the library LP with &quot;Crab Apple Jam&quot;? If so let me know, I may have some to entice you with.


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                    Up at 5:45 on Saturday morning to read the news on the radio to an audience of Newbury housewives who couldn&#39;t care less. To make it worth my while, I popped into Newbury town centre. I was terribly glad I did&#33;

                    The Super Guitar Of Lightnin&#39; Red with Brass And Strings (SGA) - the good one, with &#39;America&#39;, &#39;Funky Friday&#39; etc. (spare copy, open to offers)

                    &#39;Pick Yourself Up&#39; - Roy Budd (Marble Arch)

                    Pick Of The Pops vol 4 (Deacon) - another gap in the collection filled, this one probably has a few early Elton John covers on it too. Knackered, alas, but it&#39;ll do.

                    Jazz On A Summers Day - Chico Hamilton Quintet (Fontana) - No idea whatsoever.

                    Dancing On The Shore - Kai Warner (Herr Last&#39;s brother)

                    The Top Of The Poppers Sing And Play The Osmonds Greatest Hits (Hallmark) - I have no shame.

                    I&#39;ve not heard any of these yet, but still, not a bad set of results.


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                      Got up early and hit the booters this morning - really wished I&#39;d stayed in bed. Got nowt&#33;

                      Fortunately, Saturday was a far better affair, coming home with the following...

                      &quot;Fist Of Fury&quot; OST Japanese Tam 45 in piccie bag ( nice&#33; )
                      &quot;White Noise&quot; on Island
                      Four Tops &quot;Now&quot; (Tamla Motown) &quot;My Past Just Crossed My Future&quot;
                      The Temptations &quot;Sing Smokey&quot; (Tamla Motown)
                      &quot;The Dawn Take Away Concert&quot; (Dawn Records) - nice looking comp that has &quot;I Put A Spell On You&quot; by Demon Fuzz ( that &quot;Afreeka LP is sooo damn rare&#33; )
                      &quot;Live It Up&quot; comp on Big Shot - nice reggae...
                      &quot;Getz A Go Go&quot; with Astrud Gilberto (Verve)
                      Claude Dejean &quot;Moog&#33;&quot;
                      Birds And Brass &quot;Soundsational&quot; (the green album)
                      &quot;This Is H P Lovecraft&quot; (Phillips)
                      Bill Withers &quot;Just As I Am&quot; (UK press)

                      ... and to get myself into the festive spirit...

                      Herb Alpert &quot;Christmas Album&quot; (US A&amp;M)
                      The Moog Machine &quot;Christmas Becomes Electric&quot;

                      ho ho ho  &#33; &#33; &#33;

                      Oh and Pott found a nice Jonzun Crew 12&quot; and a UTFO &quot;Real Roxanne&quot; 12&quot; that were passed to me - what a sweetie &#33;
                      If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                        ... nearly forgot, well done Matt on the Delmar find - the title track is a belter&#33;

                        If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                          Shock horror&#33; got a couple of decent LP&#39;s from my local scool hall, thus ending a very arid period of digging.
                          Pentanle - Cruel Sister. LP (MINT) £1.00
                          Bridget St John - Songs for the gentle Man (Dandelion) not mint. £1.00
                          Kraftwork - Autobahn - Near mint £1.00
                          2 early Cat Stevens LP on Island

                          Not this morning but recent got an LP by DESIGN (Syd Dale, Alan Parker, Tony Carr, Herbie Flowers, Roger Coulam &amp; the HAWK on keys&#33 Epic 1971.
                          You can't take a stocking offa bare leg


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (BoneyVotel @ Nov. 09 2003,11:41)]Bridget St John - Songs for the gentle Man (Dandelion) not mint. £1.00
                            nice bit of digging&#33; - another good bridget album that no-one ever mentions is &quot;ask me no questions&quot;, also on dandelion.


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                              What&#39;s now becoming my regular Saturday morning at the Cattle Market was a bit thin due to drizzle, but did pick up the following:

                              the 2nd/3rd Roxy Music LPs in decent nick for a £1 each.
                              A Steetwaves hip-hop LP by Two Sisters.
                              A few hip-hoppy 12&quot;s (Grandmixer DST, Digital Underground, Heavy D &amp; The Boyz &amp; De La Soul)
                              Jack Good&#39;s &#39;Catch My Soul&#39; OST (with Tony Joe White &amp; Richie Havens - really liking this)
                              A repress of Mood Mosaic&#39;s &#39;Sting Of Brass&#39; 7&quot;.

                              Not bad, but all dwarfed when a heap of Muzas and Pronits made an appearance: only a couple worth checking, a 10&quot; Stan Getz session (making up a quartet with 3 polish jazzers), a bunch of coloured postcard/flexis featuring songs by Czerwone Gitary (anyone seen any of these before?), but the last an LP that I just HAD to try out, expecting very little.

                              But, bloody hell, it&#39;s a little blinder&#33; Opens with lush orchestral folk, kicks into a late 60s Stones knock-off, then turns up an amazing funk/folk number in Halina Frackowiak&#39;s &#39;Water Cool Water&#39; - kicks arse, and no mistake. Over on side 2, a couple of Czeslaw Nieman organ proggers, Maryla Rodowicz doing an R&amp;B screamer and another strong Halina track...If you see this, pick it up at once - it&#39;s great&#33; Cool sleeve, too...
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